Kel Mitchell's Daughter Shares TikTok Exposing Father

Kel Mitchell’s Daughter Shares TikTok Exposing Father For Saying He Doesn’t Have Time To Be A Parent Due To His Acting Career

Kel Mitchell’s daughter Allure has got some things to get off her chest. The teenager recently took to TikTok and spilled all the details about her relationship with her father, who she says has been absent from her life.

Allure’s Initial TikTok Videos

Mitchell has taken to TikTok a few times to voice her frustration about her relationship with her dad. In the first video, she records her response to her father allegedly telling her that “a phone works both ways.”


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In a more recent TikTok video, Mitchell replays a conversation she allegedly had with her father. Mitchell alleges that he told her he “didn’t have time” for her due to his job as an actor.


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Mitchell’s TikTok account has now been made private but her caption was captured by Hollywood Unlocked.

I guess ten years without your children could do this to you. I am done being silenced. My father is the type of man to fake as if he’s in my life but he’s not. He was there financially.

What I mean by that is he only paid for what in my eyes looked good on paper. He helped pay for my first car, my high school tuition, and my housing on campus until I cut him off for exactly this.

I now live completely independently without any parental help I did this to prove to my father that his money was never what I needed, and growing up [the] way I had to it boggles me that’d even think that’s what I cared about.

But then I have to remember he doesn’t even know me, how could he? He wasn’t there. A father should also be there emotionally. A father should be there for their daughters in need. A father should provide. A father should just simply care.

I was at one point “homeless” in college and my father not once made steps to

open up his home to me as a forever home but instead got me a dorm on campus during that time. Even though that was much appreciated, I needed my father. My father refuses to get me medical insurance of any sort out of fear my mother would use it. I don’t live with my mother. And so how my mother would get access to that idk. He lives in this delusional world that my mother is “out to get him” no she’s out to get what’s owed to her. You owe my mother so much. While you got to live your greatest life for ten years without out us, building your career and selling the house your es wife and your children were living in. The same house that was actually bought with the help of my grandparents. I had to experience unimaginable degrees of abuse due to this I never really got the chance to just [be] a child. He never asked me why I wanted to be a lawyer but the reason I do is because I had to watch my mom research the law to help her keep our…

After sharing the video, Mitchell took to TikTok to respond to a question from a viewer.

In your opinion, after 18 how is your parent still responsible for your emotions? You sound spoiled and recently ‘cut off’ lol

In her response, Mitchell added that her father allegedly wasn’t financially or emotionally there for her for ten years. She said that he became an absent parent to her when she was five years old. Then came back into her life at the age of fifteen.

Mitchell said that absent parents should try to make up for the moments that they weren’t there. However, that hasn’t occurred in their relationship. Mitchell then went on to say that due to her father selling the family’s house, she and her mother have been homeless ever since.

She also added that she continuously makes the effort to reach out and see her father. But she feels she doesn’t receive the same effort from him.

He’s only visited me, I think, three to four times in my four years of going to college. And the one day he did come to see me, it was actually that conversation that happened… And he said that. That the reason why he doesn’t see me, the reason why he can’t put in all of that — all of this energy to actually be a father and not just pretend to be for the internet — is because he’s an actor. And he doesn’t have a normal job like other dads. And that right there to me sounds like… excuses and slight narcissism. And that’s what I have a problem with.

Mitchell Has Yet To Respond

Kel Mitchell has yet to respond to his daughter’s allegations.

According to Sportskeeda, Mitchell married Allure’s mother Tyisha Hampton in 1999. Alongside Allure, they share an older son named Lyric Mitchell. The couple ended their relationship in 2005. Today, Kel Mitchell is remarried to a woman named Asia Lee. And he shares two children with her named Wisdom and Honor.

As previously reported by The Shade Room, Tyisha Hampton has alleged that the actor owes her $1.2 million in child support. She also said that she “went to jail for his IRS TAX Debt.”

Kel Mitchell denied his ex-wife’s allegations.


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