This just doesn’t seem to be Kelis’ year #Roommates! The singer has to run her former nanny $17,623.73 after she left her stranded in London, not even in the states y’all! According to @Blast, Soraya Tascon was hired back in June 2016 to go overseas with Kelis and her then six-month-old baby and seven-year-old son.

Soraya was paid $750 for services weekly, and her duties included changing the babied and getting them ready for wherever they were going. Things went south when Kelis missed a few payments and then fired her when they were in London. Sis didn’t give her a plane ticket home or anything and left her scrambling to cough up $1,200 for a ticket.

Y’all already know the U.S don’t play when it comes to them labor laws. Soraya sent in a claim to the Labor Commission of the State of California and beat Kelis’, whose argument wasn’t even heard due to the amount of evidence that made it clear Kelis was in the wrong.

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