Chileeee, the Kelly family drama is real. #RKelly’s brother #CareyKelly has put out a new diss track in response to R. Kelly’s 19-minute “I Admit” song that addressed the allegations of him sleeping with underage girls and holding women hostage in what was described as a sex “cult.”

On the diss track, Carey, who goes by the stage name of #Killa, accuses his brother of spreading STDs and abandoning their family, according to @XXL. Apparently Carey didn’t like that his brother dropped his name in “I Admit,” nor the things he said about their mother. He also claims R. Kelly does not care about their mother’s death and that her gravestone cost $500.

Carey also alleges his brother sleeps at other men’s homes, saying: “Man, tell me how them nig*as tight when they don’t got a wife/Somethin’ ain’t right, somethin’ smells fishy, what’s goin’ on?/What kinda man wanna stay a night at a man’s home?”

There has been no word on a response from R. Kelly’s camp.

We’ll keep you updated on this one, #Roomies.

TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh

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