Kelsey Nicole Talks Tory Lanez, Megan Shooting In First Interview

Kelsey Nicole Discusses Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion’s Shooting In First Interview Since 2020 Incident (Video) 

Megan Thee Stallion has already said she’s ready to move on from the shooting incident with Tory Lanez. But now, her ex-bestie, Kelsey Nicole has found a way to keep the topic going.

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In a teaser clip from an upcoming episode of ‘The Danza Project,’ Nicole seemingly deep-dives into the night of the shooting.

Kelsey Nicole To Discuss The Megan/Tory Lanez Shooting In A New Interview

Given that this is her first interview since the shooting in July 2020, the model appears to have a lot of things she wants to get off her chest.

Keep in mind that Kelsey received mixed reactions when she testified during Tory’s trial and presented contradicting statements from a previous interview with investigators.

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The teaser started with Nicole expressing her frustration over the night Tory shot Meg. An air of suspense surrounded the sneak peek as the hosts quizzed Nicole about an alleged video of the incident circulating around Hollywood.

If you recall, Wack100 suggested that a tape exists, according to Hip Hop DX, but no one has confirmed the validity of his claims yet.

Additionally, it’s unclear what the alleged clip actually shows. Rumors suggest that there is sufficient evidence indicating Meg and Nicole allegedly engaged in a physical altercation before shots rang out.

“I’m positive there was a video; there had to have been one. How– you’re in LA, you’re in Hollywood,” Nicole responded.

As the episode preview continues, Kelsey said:

“When it comes to a point where alcohol takes over, and you become a different person, it’s time to let that sh** go. Everybody’s lives that night changed.”

Furthermore, Nicole expressed that Meg betrayed her on the night of the altercation, though the teaser doesn’t actually reveal what she refers to.

She revealed that she has not seen the ‘Not My Fault’ rapper since the altercation.

Kelsey Nicole Seemingly Shows Her Support For Nicki Minaj

At the end of the teaser, you can hear Nicki Minaj’s song ‘Big Foot’ playing in the background. Yes, the diss track she aimed at Megan.

And as the camera shot cuts back to Nicole, she’s seen mouthing the lyrics, “Why would you lie about your lipo, F***in’ your best friend man is crazy, you the type, though.”

The public’s reaction to Nicole’s comments in the upcoming interview remains to be seen. However, given the incident’s controversy, it’s already generating significant buzz on social media.

Social Media Has Questions For Kelsey

People have been weighing in with their thoughts on the situation since the release of the teaser, with many questioning Nicole’s intent.

On X, social media users have been sounding off, questioning why she waited this long to speak up.

“Where was Kelsey during the time that we needed to hear from her?” @IAMLENAYE wrote in response to the podcast trailer. “To understand what was going on like, why are you talking now after Tori went down for something that he didn’t even do like you a little late to the party sister girl.”

Another X user echoed similar words and added that the extensive time she took to come forward diminished their interest in what she had to say.

“I don’t care about ANYTHING Kelsey Nicole has to say at this nor any other moment,” @AmyBrownhouse tweeted. “Her time to speak was during trial and she CONVENIENTLY did ‘not remember’ anything.”


With Nicole sharing that she hasn’t seen Meg since the shooting incident, one can only wonder whether her upcoming revelations will further complicate their relationship.

The full episode drops on Sunday (March 3).

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