Kenya Barris Was Reportedly Served Legal Papers By Sister

Family Drama: Kenya Barris Was Reportedly Served Legal Papers By Sister At ‘You People’ Premiere

According to recent reports, Kenya Barris was hit with a lawsuit at the premiere of You People earlier this year. Additionally, the legal matter was allegedly brought on by none other than his sister, Colette Barris!

Colette Says Kenya Violated Their Agreement To Keep It Amicable

Page Six reports that a fake paparazzo served Kenya the papers shortly before 10 p.m. at the film’s Los Angeles premiere. Reportedly, Kenya was specifically accused of “breach of contract” within the documents.

The filing proceeds to detail that, back in February 2021, Kenya and Colette agreed to not “communicate any disparaging remarks about each other or about any matters that led to this Agreement.”

In other words, the siblings allegedly entered a formal agreement to not trash-talk each other, and Colette’s accusing Kenya of not living up to his end of the agreement.

Kenya’s Accused Of Calling Colette A ‘No Talent Hack’

Radar Online provided further details on the situation. Notably, the outlet reports that Kenya is accused of slamming Colette as a “70-year-old no talent hack” back in June 2022. Ouch!

On top of his, he allegedly said that Colette “wanted to go to the front of the line” when it came to opportunities, though she “had not earned the ‘right to be a show creator.'”

“In or around June 2022, [Kenya] stated to a third party that (1) Plaintiff was a ’70-year-old no talent hack’ and (2) Plaintiff had not earned the ‘right to be a show creator’ but instead ‘wanted to go to the front of the line.'”

The outlet is sure to also provide further context on the situation between the siblings by pointing out that Kenya filed a restraining order against Colette back in 2020. The Black-ish creator reportedly went as far as to say that he feared his sister would harm his family. He also accused Colette of essentially riding on his coattails.

Kenya Barris hasn’t publicly acknowledged the speculation on social media.

What do you think about the speculation regarding Kenya Barris getting served at the premiere of You People?


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