#Roommates, if there is one thing to remember on social media it’s “trolls will be trolls.” Most of the time the hurtful and downright cruel things they type when they’re keyboard thugging are simply to get a reaction. Keri Hilson just gave a quick masterclass in how to deal with a troll who tries to come for your career.

Keri Hilson has been laying low these days and choosing to live her life away from the spotlight—but social media still manages to get in the way. Unfortunately, when you’re a celebrity people feel as though they can hurl comments your way on social media without consequence or response.

After posting a photo on her Instagram page, a social media user rudely commented, “@kerihilson your career over with you ain’t have a hit in 9 years you washed up.”

Ever the demonstration of class, Keri responded with this:

“@thebasedgodtim337 chiiile, I KNOW! You’re probably trying to hurt my feelings w/ that but I’ve long accepted I’m in that category…for now. But lemme correct you here: I haven’t “had a hit” because I haven’t put out ANYTHING, not because I put out flops. And my career is far from over. I do hope you stay tuned this year.”

As you may recall, in early January Keri lost her father, Skip, unexpectedly at the age of 71. At the time of his death she wrote on Instagram, “I wasn’t ready. I don’t wanna do this. But I want to honor you in as many ways as I can.”


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?