Celebrities have feelings too #Roommates! #KevinDurant wasn’t feeling a post on @bucketscenter Instagram page and let’s just say he let it be known.

Kalyb Chanpion runs the account and considers himself a teenage basketball analyst. Tuesday morning, Kalyb posted a photo of Kevin Durant next to #AnthonyDavis and #KawhiLeonard, and said that the three players “don’t elevate a team quite like LeBron and Steph, due to their playmaking/leadership deficiencies.”

Kevin took the post as shade and commented, “Bruh go sweep ya dorm room, u don’t know hoops. Stop tagging me in this trash.”

One thing must have led to another because it went from the comments to the DM’s real quick!

Kevin took a shot at the boy and called him a “Middle school/ knock off Stephen A.”

“You know it’s true that’s why your insecure ass responded to me,” Kalyb said. “Why don’t you actually prove you can LEAD a team to a championship. Not even in the same galaxy as LeBron.”

“Who brought up LeBron?” Kevin said. “You took (it) real personal. Relax but, it’s just basketball. You’ve been tagging me in post for months, I respond and u finally speak your mind lol. Nice.”

“How did I take anything personal you called me knock off Stephen A. buddy,” said Chanpion.

The two clearly had enough time on their hands!

“Nah buddy you’re like 12, your opinion will not be used as any motivation, ” said Durant. “Y’all got people thinking that since I get buckets in the nba I’m too big and famous to be a black man at 7pm on a Tuesday, scrolling through Instagram. Lol y’all are too funny. I like Instagram. I like basketball. You GOTS to be trippin if I’m not gonna chime in every here and there lol ha.”