KD Traded To Suns Days After Kyrie Is Traded To Mavericks

Kevin Durant Traded To Phoenix Suns Days After Kyrie Irving Is Traded To Dallas Mavericks

Just a few days after Kyrie Irving parted ways with the Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant has reportedly been traded to the Phoenix Suns!

The Move Is Described As A ‘Blockbuster Trade’

News of the matter broke on Wednesday night, and ESPN reports that KD was traded for a package that includes Suns athletes Mikal Bridges, Cam Johnson, and Jae Crowder. Additionally, the outlet—which referred to the trade as a “blockbuster” deal—noted that the agreement includes the Suns trading four future first-round picks to the Nets.

Journalist Adrian Wojnarowski also notes that the move was favorable for KD, as “Durant wanted to move to Suns.”

The deal notably came just hours ahead of the NBA’s trade deadline, which hits on Thursday at 3 p.m. (EST). It also surfaced just days after Kyrie Irving parted ways with the Nets in favor of the Dallas Mavericks.

Both Kevin and Kyrie signed onto the Nets as back in 2019, and James Harden was eventually added on in 2021.

However, all three athletes have since left to pursue different opportunities with other teams (Harden left for the Philadelphia 76ers in 2022), and Wojnarowski notes that this marks the end of “the great superstar experiment in Brooklyn.”

NBA Fans React To The News On Social Media

News swiftly spread like wildfire, and NBA Twitter had some thoughts.

There were plenty of reactions highlighting how Nets fans woke up to the reports.

Ben Simmons, a Nets athlete who was traded by the Philadelphia 76ers for James Harden, also caught some flack online. Specifically, people joked that he would be unable to rise to the occasion and fill Kevin and Kyrie’s shoes.

People also cut up by speculating that KD and Kyrie jumped ship because they didn’t want to play alongside Simmons, who catches heat online for his playing style.

The Nets were also bashed for fumbling the bag with so many great athletes.

We also have to add that Kyrie reacted to the news during a post-game press conference, as he said, “I’m glad he got out of there.”

What do you think about the trading situation?


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