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Kevin Gates Says He Took A Break From Social Media Because It Was Causing Him To Be Depressed

In a time where social media presence is everything, many people have opened up about the negative effects images online have attributed to their mental health. This isn’t something that just affects everyday folks, celebrities deal with it too. Kevin Gates recently opened up about comparing himself to other people on social media and the toll it had on him. The rapper sat down on the “Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast and explained how he took a break from social media because his comparison to others made him depressed.

“Comparison is the killer of all joy,” Kevin told Wallo. “I’m a normal person. I never see myself in my greatness, but all people do is post their highlight reels, and I’m comparing my real life to somebody’s highlight reel,” he said. Kevin also stated that this was trickling over to the health aspect of his life and how he learned to stop comparing himself even when it came to the fitness world. 

Kevin explained that he was killing himself working out to get the best abs. As of lately, Kevin has been going hard in the gym and showing his progress online. However, he says that he didn’t know that the people he was trying to keep up with were allegedly dehydrating themselves to get the best angles in their post pictures. Ultimately Kevin said things look good online but questioned if the lengths people go through to get the perfect image is healthy? 

The McLean Hospital shared some information on their website social media and how the online applications act as a reinforcing nature. They say it activates the brain’s reward center by releasing dopamine, a “feel-good chemical” directly linked to pleasurable activities, including sex, food, and social interaction. Their reports claim the platforms are designed to be addictive and are often associated with anxiety, depression, and even physical ailments.

According to the Pew Research Center, 69% of adults and 81% of teens in the U.S. use social media, putting a large amount of the population at an increased risk of feeling anxious, depressed, or even sick over their social media use.

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