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Kevin Hart, AKA ‘Chocolate Droppa’ Takes ‘Shots’ At Kanye West & Drake In His First Single

Amid all this Game and Meek drama, all rappers may want to watch out for the new rapper on the block who is about to body them all.

That’s right everybody, Chocolate Droppa, formally known as Kevin Hart, is releasing his first single this Monday, and he did not come to play. *I say all this all while trying to keep the most serious face ever..

It looks like Chocolate Droppa is not afraid to name drop some of your favs either!

“Ye got cheek implants..Look at his cheeks! They ain’t real!” He rapped about Kanye West.

He continues on to come at Drake and his perfectly groomed beard too. “Drake beard ain’t real, that’s a weave.” Bars Chocolate Droppa, bars.

When Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier asked Chocolate Droppa “What rappers he was on par with,” he responded, “I think the real question is what rappers are on par with me?” Lawd..

He didn’t stop there though, “Asking me who I’m on par with is like asking yourself why is a pig’s tail curly?” Interesting analogy there..

Chocolate Droppa is definitely on a mission to come for the thrown people..Or in his mind, I’m sure he already wears the crown!

“If you’re a rapper, I suggest you run because I’m about to come for all of you sucka’s,” he said in an Instagram post when he initially announced that he had signed with Motown Records. Yes, that really happened.

His album is apparently rumored to drop this fall.. *Again, I say all this while still trying to keep the most serious face ever!
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