Kevin Hart Humorously Asks If Channing Crowder & His Wife Are Swingers

Kevin Hart Reacts Humorously To Channing Crowder Enjoying Nudist Colonies Around Swingers With His Wife— “So, Y’all Get Down?”

Kevin Hart was blown away by ex-NFL player Channing Crowder’s appreciation for nudist colonies with his wife. The comedian’s reaction to Crowder’s confession about the lusty environment was so good, that it’s going viral.

The ex-Dolphins linebacker who has been married for 11 years made the revelation on his “The Pivot” podcast with Kevin Hart as one of his guests. Crowder revealed to the comedian that he and his wife Aja like to partake in annual exhibitionist trips.

“Once a year, we go to a nudist colony. We go to a place where like you walk in and everybody just gets naked and walks around.”

The admission immediately took Hart by surprise, who looked at the athlete in complete disbelief … and asked, ”

You hear whatchu saying out loud, brother?!”

Kevin then humorously asked if Crowder and his beloved wife participated in the swinging lifestyle.

“Y’all just … just hanging out, or y’all f***ing these people?”

Channing Crowder Compares Nudist-Swinger Lifestyle To Strip Clubs

Crowder admits there are some swingers around when they take their trips, but explains they don’t participate. They just “like being around naked people together.”

When the podcast host asks Hart if he’s into similar stuff he shuts down the idea, adding he had “no desire to be around a bunch of people I don’t know just sitting there naked.” Crowder challenged Hart’s explanation, comparing the environment to strip clubs.

“But the women you like…you’ve been to strip clubs.”

Hart then ends the amusing convo with a joke, saying:

“I’m willing to bet a good number it ain’t a lot of put-together people going through this little stage.”

The clip of Kevin and Crowder going back and forth on the topic has racked up over 50,000 retweets on Twitter.

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