Kevin McCall Talks About Eva Marcille Getting Pregnant 2 Months After They Met, Chris Brown Confrontation, & Getting A Phone Call From Wale! (Video Inside)

Kevin McCall Talks About Eva Marcille Getting Pregnant 2 Months After They Met, Chris Brown Confrontation, & Getting A Phone Call From Wale! (Video Inside)

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Kevin McCall sat down for an exclusive interview with our friends over at VladTV and it was actually a really good interview. He discussed the juicy details of how him and Eva Marcille met and even revealed that she was pregnant within 2-3 months after they met. He discussed having a confrontation with Chris Brown after doing a song with Keke Palmer, and turning down a spot on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood because he’s not about the messy drama.


Here’s how he met Eva. They were at a Chris Brown concert and he was performing while she sat next to EJ King (Chris Brown’s Stylist). She said Kevin looked like he just got out of jail but she liked his style. She asked EJ to give her his digits and later hit him up. Not too long afterwards, they began dating. He says she let him know that she liked him but still expected him to court her. He admitted it was a fun ride and that she was nothing that he expected. Eva smoked Mary Jane like him, she was down to earth, and very different from any girl he had ever dated. Two to three months later they planned to have a baby and were talking marriage.

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However, he wasn’t ready to get married and he says the pressure actually became a problem in their relationship. He knew she was wifey material, but he didn’t know if the timing was right. You know how men are.   Kevin McCall also spoke about having a confrontation with Chris Brown over the phone. Kevin says he was signed to Chris Brown’s label at one point but was frustrated because Chris wasn’t signing deals for him. His finances were messed up and he became angry with everyone in the industry. He took it upon himself to do a song with Keke Palmer and shoot a video, but Chris was displeased with the image he was creating for himself. Kevin says Chris called him up and told him he was ruining his career and that he would make sure that no one at the label messed with him. At the time, Kevin claims he checked Chris and told him not to ever talk to him that way or they could handle things in person. When they finally did meet up, Chris was chill and everything turned out to be okay!

Kevin McCall said that they he never hit Eva Marcille, instead all he did was knock down the door of his own studio during their confrontation. He says that he was served a restraining order by Eva’s best friend who he claims is secretly obsessed with her. He stayed quiet when the rumors broke that he beat Eva on TMZ (this is something she advised him to do) but he regrets his silence now that the rumor continues to live on.

This is actually a really good interview. We are starting to realize that Kevin is just very outspoken and people like him are often seen as trouble makers in the industry, because the industry is fake as a three dollar bill.


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