Keyshia Cole Seemingly Responds That She Moved On After Her

Keyshia Cole Seemingly Responds That She Moved On After Her Ex-Boyfriend Announces He’s In A New Relationship

Trust and believe when it comes to Keyshia Cole sis has been out here living her best-unbothered life! Keyshia has a new boo and seems in a good place. As we previously reported, she recently showed off her hickey on her neck on her Instagram story and wrote on the post for her boo to make it darker next time. Peep below.

While she hasn’t directly revealed who her new boo is, her ex-boyfriend Niko Khale and the father of her youngest son Tobias decided to share the new love in his life! Over the weekend, he made his Instagram debut with his new girlfriend, Ariel! Niko shared a picture of the two dressed up with the caption, “Oh, and let me properly introduce my other half. Her name is Ariel, like the mermaid. She’s the universe in human form,”

It seems like Keyshia seemingly responded shortly after in an Instagram post of her own. Keyshia shared a photo on Instagram of her standing on a balcony with the ocean behind her. She captioned the photo, “Can’t wait to get back to the beach!!! Can’t wait to go on baecation.” What stood out about the post was one of the comments that Keyshia pinned. The comment read, “If “letting them know you have moved on as well” was a person… period.”

Niko hasn’t responded to Keyshia. He may be on his unbothered vibes as well. He did upload a video on his Instagram of him freestyling over Wayne Wonder’s hit, ” No Letting Go,” and it seemed that while Ariel was recording him, she fell in the pool.  Roomies, what do yall think about this?

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