Aht Aht! Khloé Kardashian Denies Taking Tristan Thompson Back

Aht Aht! Khloé Kardashian Denies Taking Tristan Thompson Back Amid Speculation: ‘Stop Pushing This Narrative’

Khloé Kardashian recently took a moment to let fans know that she and Tristan Thompson, with whom she shares two children, are not back together.

Notably, this proclamation follows some recent public sightings that some fans found to be eyebrow-raising.

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What Exactly Prompted The Speculation About Khloé & Tristan?

Much of the recent buzz surrounding Khloé and Tristan centered around Kim Kardashian attending a weekend match-up between the L.A. Lakers and Golden State Warriors.

Notably, she and North West brought a handmade sign to cheer Tristan on.

Additionally, as The Shade Room reported, Khloé was spotted with Tristan at a McDonald’s drive-thru just last month, which sparked some speculation of its own.

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Khloé Kardashian Speaks Up To Shut The Matter Down

Despite what some believe these public sightings suggest, Khloé says fans are running with a false narrative.

She addressed the matter after a fan page called @khloelegend reposted an Instagram Story from @deuxmoi.

In response to a question about Kim cheering Thompson on, the anonymous tea page wrote that Tristan and Khloé were allegedly back together.

It was also speculated, “Maybe [Kim’s] soft-launching the idea so everyone is prepared and doesn’t give Koko a hard time.”

Once the fan page reshared this hypothesis, Khloé stepped into the comment section and set the record straight.

After initially telling fans to “stop pushing this narrative,” she slammed the entire discussion as being “tiring.”

She went on to complain about people “believing the lies” before sharing, “Things are just as simple as they seem.”

“It’s exhausting but I learned people will only understand to the level of their own perception. Most are stuck at believing the lies because it’s the narrative they want to fuel. Have fun…. Some things are just as simple as they seem.”

The mother-of-two continued, noting that Kim’s courtside appearance was simply an example of “a family member supporting another family member” as they’re going through “a difficult time in life.”

Khloé also shared that she shows similar support to Kourtney Kardashian‘s ex, Scott Disick.

“I support Scott and will forever support him. He’s my brother. It’s just not on an NBA stage.”

After adding that she sees Scott “often,” Kardashian wrapped by proclaiming, “Some things really are just as they are.”

What are your thoughts on the overall situation?


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