#Roommates, these days Kid Rock is known less for his music and more for his undying Trump support and rants against democrats, specifically celebrity democrats. This time he went after Oprah Winfrey in a drunken rant filled with f-bombs—that was all caught on video.

@TMZ_TV reports that during a recent performance at a bar in Nashville, Tennessee, Kid Rock went completely off script and started bashing celebrities who don’t share his views, including “The View” co-host Joy Behar, but he saved the most vicious verbal attacks for Oprah Winfrey when he told the crowd, “F**k Oprah!”

According to multiple attendees at the show, Kid Rock was visibly drunk while on stage when he began to rip into Oprah. He also reportedly said that “Oprah Winfrey can suck a bag of d**ks.” If you’re wondering where all this hate for Oprah comes from, well in the past Kid Rock has stated that he just doesn’t like her at all. While he’s never given a clear reasoning why, many suspect it’s due to her strong political ties to the democratic party—the exact party that his fellow Trump supporters attack on a consistent basis.

After his rant was captured on video, Kid Rock went on to insist that he was not racist, however many audience members could be heard in the video calling him just that. As for Oprah, of course she has not responded and she probably won’t…and of course Kid Rock has not apologized.


Roommate, what are your thoughts on this?