Kim Kardashian Attacked At Paris Fashion Show Event! - (Video)

Kim Kardashian Attacked At Paris Fashion Show Event! – (Video)

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, & Momma Kris Jenner all showed up to support Kendall Jenner in the Balmain Paris Fashion Show earlier today. Unfortunately, there  was an infamous prankster present named Vitalii Sediuk who is known for attacking Celebrities on the red carpet.



(Vitalli is circled in red)


So Kim and Kris Jenner exit the vehicle on the right, while Kanye exits on the left. Almost immediately, Vitalli (allegedly) grabs Kim by the legs and tries to pull her down to the floor. Kim begins to yell, “Stop! Stop!”



Kanye looks helpless because a million people stand in between him and Kim but he pushes his way through the crowd to protect his wife.


Kris Jenner doesn’t do much of anything, in fact she looked a little confused when it all went down.


You would think Kanye would try to bump fists with the attacker, but he grabs Kim and they proceed to walk inside. We guess he learned his lesson after he got in trouble for attacking the paparazzi that one time.

Let’s talk about this attacker for a minute. Why isn’t he in jail yet? Vitalli is known for attacking well known Celebs on the red carpet including Brad Pitt, Will Smith, & Leonardo DiCaprio. You would think he would be in jail by now or at least living out of his car after getting sued for all of these attacks.

Better yet, why in the who-what-what would they allow this man on the red carpet in the first place? Especially at the Balmain Paris Fashion Show! Now does this make sense to you?

Kim is no rookie to the game though, the Kardashians have been attacked numerous times. People have thrown glitter & flour at them, I’m sure this was just a walk in the park.

Watch the video below:


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