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King Harris Responds After Heated Exchange With T.I. & Tiny Goes Viral (Watch)

King Harris is speaking out following a viral livestream showing him in a heated discussion with his parents, Tiny Harris and rapper T.I. 

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More Details Regarding The Heated Exchange

On Sunday, November 26, the Atlanta Falcons met the New Orleans Saints at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. Massive crowds showed up for the event, which included rapper Ludacris paying tribute to 50 Years of Hip-Hop as Quavo honored the late Migos member, Takeoff, during halftime.

But the moment that stole the game didn’t seem to take place on the field. At some point during the event, King Harris took to Instagram Live to show he was in attendance at the football game with his parents.

In footage of the livestream obtained by @livebitez, Harris and T.I. seemed to have a discussion regarding his upbringing.

“…To make him look better, he say s**t he know not true,” King Harris told the group surrounding him and his parents. “Silver spoon — I ain’t never ate with that… a day in my life.”

At that point, Tiny Harris intervened to disagree with her son, explaining that he “did” grow up with “a silver spoon.” On the contrary, King disagreed and explained that he grew up primarily at his grandmother’s house.

Tiny and T.I. rejected his statement by explaining that King allegedly “cried… every day” to go to his grandmother’s house.

“I don’t want to be in these gates,” King Harris explained to his parents, seemingly referring to their gated mansion home. “I want to be in the neighborhood — that’s why I want to be over there.”


King Harris’ Discussion With His Parents Seemed To Escalate

As the discussion continued, Tiny grabbed the camera from her son. The mother of three then told live stream viewers the reason King wanted to be at his grandmother’s house was because “he could suck a pacifier over there until he was 12 years old.”

King disagreed with his parents by alleging they weren’t telling the whole story, and instead were trying to “hide it.” As the footage continued, the discussion between the group appeared to escalate, with King yelling at his parents — most specifically, his father, T.I. — accusing them of lying.

At some point, viewers can hear T.I. accusing King of “embarrassing” himself and their family as the view of the camera becomes obstructed. Ultimately, the audio captured seemed to catch King and his father in a physical exchange, with King heard saying, “Man, get off me.”

King Harris Speaks Out Following The Alleged Altercation

After the incident, King Harris took to his Instagram Story with a few words. In his posts, he explained that he stands “on business” and won’t let anyone play in his face or taunt him.

Additionally, Harris seemed to accuse his father of “faking an image for the internet.”

“If ima mistake say dat stop making the world think u fw me when u DONT… N***a be faking a image for da internet &. It AINT Me,” Harris wrote.

Read King Harris’ entire posts below.

Neither T.I. nor Tiny have publicly addressed the alleged altercation with their son. However, T.I. did finish the event strong by leading the Atlanta Falcons out of the tunnel while performing his hit single, “Bring Em Out.”

King Harris has since shown love to his grandmother, Dianne Cottle-Pope, on Instagram by sharing his song, “Grandma Boy.”

“As long as you stay by my side💙 @diannecottlepope love you💙”

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