Back in January, #KodakBlack, who has since changed his name to Bill K. Kapri, was raided by the police in his Pembroke Pines home.
Police claimed that they saw weed and guns in an Instagram live video he had just made.  Kodak’s lawyer however, said that there was no way to prove any of it was real since his client “often produce music videos and other promotional videos, as is customary in the industry, using fake firearms and narcotics.”
Either way, in court documents obtained by @Blast, Kodak pled guilty to two probation violations including driving on a suspended license, and “associating with people committing crimes.” Police ended up confiscating a whole gang of items including unreleased music and jewelry.
This is the full list of items that Kodak is expected to get back 👀
iPhone and iPad
Red backpack
A FedEx envelope with bank documents
Check from Lexus
LG phone and chargers
Hard drive containing original music
$2,000 found in a desk
$152 found on a nightstand
$680 found under a mattress
$442 found in a bag
$23,253 found in a safe
Pair of purple and orange shoes
Gold metal Sniper Gang emblem with chain
Sniper Gang sweaters, vests, and t-shirts
Wall art with Sniper Gang logo
Painting with person kneeling and the words “kill bill” and “project baby”
Painting with two faces on it
Small painting with a face and highlighted gold teeth
ZTE flip phone
Kodak was sentenced to 364 days in county jail, and other charges including child neglect were dropped. He could be out by October!
TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet