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Kodak Black & Gucci Mane Have A Funny Conversation About Clones (Video)

Gucci Mane and Kodak Black had a conversation about clones on Sunday night, and it was quite hilarious.

While in Miami, Gucci Mane and Kodak Black were having a good time. The two were hanging out at a club in the city. Afterward, the two were having a conversation and Gucci was joking about Kodak Black being a clone.

He stated, “I’m talking ’bout is you a clone or not,” Gucci jokingly asked. Because that’s what I heard. N***as say you a clone.”

Kodak Black replied and said, “You know they got the software s**t. You me. You got all my clothes and you look like me, all kind of sh*t. You look like me in the face. Why you got all my clothes?” The two would continue to laugh.

Kodak Black then went to his Instagram story and said in a joking way, “When you said, ‘Is you a clone’ tonight, I should’ve hit you with, ‘B***h, I might be.’ That’s what I should’ve told your little ugly a**. You got that smooth a** haircut with no waves on that motherf***er. All that motherf***er pomade and you got no waves on there.”

Gucci then reposted Kodak Black’s story and captioned it with a laughing emoji.

As you know, Kodak Black was recently pardoned by Donald Trump in January. Since then, Kodak Black has seemingly got engaged to his new rapper bae Mellow Rackz.

While introducing their relationship for the first time, it appeared that the two rappers also announced an engagement at the same time. Mellow shared a video of Kodak Black holding a ring, and a video of a plane with a message that read, “Might as well marry me, Melody…I love you.”

On the video she wrote, “I said yes.”

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