Kodak Black Has Reportedly Filed Paperwork To Appeal His 46-Month Prison Sentence

Kodak Black Has Reportedly Filed Paperwork To Appeal His 46-Month Prison Sentence

It’s been about a week since Kodak Black was handed a 46-month sentence for felony firearm possession—but despite his reported plans for self-improvement while behind bars, his real focus is getting his sentence appealed.

According to @Complex, in between entering a rehab program and seeking to obtain his college degree, Kodak Black has also been busy with other things while he’s been in prison—and that includes filing an appeal. Reportedly, earlier this week Kodak’s attorneys filed a notice of appeal for his federal case that ended in him being sentenced to 46 months. Additionally, Fred Haddad, one of Kodak’s lawyers, also ordered a transcript of the November 13th sentencing hearing.

An excerpt of the appeal reads:

“Notice is hereby given that the Defendant, Bill K. Kapri, takes and enters this, his Notice of Appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit to review the Orders, Judgment and Sentence entered on November 13, 2019.”

Apparently, Haddad and Kodak’s other lawyer Bradford Cohen, have been very busy since the verdict was announced in getting the necessary paperwork together to file the appeal on behalf of Kodak.

However, that’s just one case that Kodak is facing, as he was also hit with two other charges that each carry a 30-year maximum sentence and the trials for those charges have yet to start. Also, he is also facing trial in South Carolina for criminal sexual conduct, relating to a 2016 incident where he is charged with raping a high school student.


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