Kodak Black Says He Can Cheat In A Relationship, But "Can't Take" Being Cheated On

Kodak Black Says He Can Cheat In A Relationship, But “Can’t Take” Being Cheated On

As temperatures drop across the country, cuffing season is in full effect. At least, that’s what the internet streets are saying. People are locking in their boo, bae, girlfriend, boyfriend, person…you name it. With any relationship comes the discussion of loyalty and what it means to a couple. Kodak Black recently gave insight on how he reacts to infidelity in a relationship.

The rapper hopped on Twitter to discuss the rundown topic of cheating while in a committed relationship.

“I can cheat no problem, but I can’t take dat sh*t boy,” he tweeted.

Conversations about loyalty and relationships aren’t a new thing on social media. We often see people discuss their likes, dislikes, dating horror stories and successful love stories. And by now we all know it’s not strange for Kodak to tweet his thoughts.

He continued with his thoughts on energy he can dish, but can’t take in a relationship.

“I am not finna let no bit*ch cheat on me,” he tweeted. “Lol ima have yo a** go take a lie detector test so dam fast.”

Kodak Addresses Darker Tweets

Most recently, he took to the platform with a completely different topic. Fans were shook when he revealed feeling lonely and depressed.

“So lonely, depressed, sad & f*cked up… nobody love me nobody cares,” Kodak wrote. “I’m everywhere @ once…Friends playing in my head…Girls playing with my heart. Wish I can go back to the start I”ll never be famous.”

At the time, he didn’t reveal additional details. However, he cleared the air just a few days later and assured fans he wasn’t thinking about taking his life. He posted a lengthy apology to his fans and acknowledged the people standing in his corner.

“I got a great support system and surrounded by live, somebody put a false rumor in my head and that drove me to the edge that I can’t say but all in all I’m ok,” Kodak wrote.

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