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Laila Ali Sends a Cut Throat Message to Ronda Rousey About Her Loss

The daughter of one the greatest boxers of all time didn’t think the UFC fight against Ronda Rousey and Holly Holmes was a pretty one but she makes it known that she’s glad that the loss slapped Rousey back into reality!

TMZ cameras caught up with Laila Ali at the airport and lets just say we can see that she’s definitely not here for Ronda…at all!! At first she didn’t want to give the topic of the pitiful fight the time of day, saying, “I don’t even want to talk about her, because there’s so many things that I can say,” but even she couldn’t stay away from the trash talk that she supposedly deserves.

Ali wants to make it known that Ronda isn’t her favorite fighter and has had enough of people chanting Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey as the world’s greatest female fighter, “In order to be the best in the world, you definitely don’t EVER get beat up like that in your prime, period.” OUCH!!

Now that Holly Holmes basically snatched Rousey’s world’s greatest championship title, Ali agrees that she should have won and glad she’s did, “She’s a talented boxer, she’s a world champion…and obviously she’s no chump, Ali says.” She also feels that Rousey shouldn’t go through with a rematch because it will only lead to the same embarrassing outcome.

Ali, a former champ herself, also gave some words of advice to Ronda, saying she should work on a better strategy before coming to fight any opponent in the ring, “I think she can watch the tape and see what she needs to work on,” Ali tells TMZ sports.

After a devastating knock out UFC President, Dana White said that this has to be the worst UFC fights in history and is almost embarrassed that he set this fight up, according to

Rousey was transported to a hospital after the fight to get stitches on her lip once it split open towards the end of the match. Even though Ali tried to hold her tongue it is very apparent that she had some deeper issues with the UFC fighter that have yet to be clearly revealed. Lets chat below!




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