Roommates, if you travel to or out of  Los Angeles International Airport, there’s some changes that are being implemented and people are not excited about it to say the least! I can’t say how man times I’ve counted on an overly chatty #Uber or #Lyft driver to take me home!

According to their official Twitter account, the airport will no longer allow Ubers, Lyfts or taxis to pick passengers up curbside. The goal is to decongest the terminals. Now, the new procedure will have passengers bused to a centralized lot where they can be picked up.

The new arrangement even has a name y’all, it’s now being called “LAX-it.” Get it? “LAX-it,”… “exit”…. I’m just as upset about it as you are, trust.

Uber has even stepped in to do some damage control, saying in a a statement: While we have concerns with aspects of LAX’s plan to move all ride-share pickups to a staging lot, we have shared those concerns directly with [Los Angeles World Airports] and will continue operating at the airport. In the meantime, we hope LAX will listen to and incorporate our input so that so that LAX passengers can continue to access ride-share service in a seamless way.”

Though Lyft has yet to comment on the situation, it’s safe to say that passengers are just not here for the new change already. Though the idea is to decongest the terminals, having everyone wait for a shuttle to be bused to a different location to then find an Uber or Lyft seems like it would inspire more chaos. But we shall see as the plan is set to roll out by the end of the month. Check out their tweet below:


Roommates, with this new rule, do you think you’ll be getting to and from LAX faster now? Let us know!