Man Detained At LAX After Reportedly Opening Plane Exit Door

Man Detained At LAX After Reportedly Opening Plane Exit Door & Deploying Exit Slide Before Takeoff

The Federal Aviation Administration is reportedly investigating after a man was detained at the location on Saturday. According to Fortune, the man is being accused of opening a plane’s exit door. As well as triggering the aircraft’s emergency slide, as it prepared for takeoff.

The Alleged Incident Took Place Saturday Morning Aboard A Delta Aircraft

According to NBC Los Angeles, the unidentified passenger was aboard a Delta flight on Saturday. The aircraft was scheduled to take off from Los Angeles International Airport and land in Seattle.

Around 10 a.m., the plane reportedly made its way from the gate. However, one passenger appeared “agitated,” as reported by Gillian Sheldon, a fellow traveler aboard the aircraft.

“He clearly was agitated, or nervous or anxious or freaked out about something.”

The passenger reportedly ran to the plane’s exit door, and Sheldon recounted his interaction with the flight attendant.

“She looked at him and said ‘you need to go back to your seat,’ and he said ‘what do I do now,’ and turned and grabbed the door. She said, ‘you cannot open the door’ and grabbed him and within two seconds he opened the door, deployed the slide, and was on the tarmac.

Sheldon also shared live tweets during the incident.

According to the outlet, Sheldon explained that “within minutes” firefighters and police “swarmed” the tarmac and apprehended the male passenger.

The Aftermath Of The Incident & The Suspect’s Fate

Capt. Karla Rodriguez, of the Los Angeles Airport Police, shared a statement with the outlet, following the incident.

“Due to the circumstances, FBI has been notified. The aircraft was returned to a gate and passengers are in the process of being deplaned in order to be transported in another aircraft so that they can continue with their flight plans.”

Delta Airlines also issued a similar statement, as reported by CBS News.

“Delta flight 1714 operating from Los Angeles to Seattle returned to the gate due to an unruly passenger. The aircraft was holding to taxi for takeoff when the passenger exited the aircraft and was initially detained by Delta staff ahead of being arrested by local law enforcement. Customers are being reaccommodated on a new aircraft and we apologize for the inconvenience and delay in their travel plans.”

Rodriguez added that no arrests were made at the time. However, the “subject was transported to a local hospital for a mental evaluation.” Additionally, Rodriguez explained that fellow passengers on the plane “never felt in danger,” but instead were “taken by surprise” by the man’s actions.

According to Fortune, the passengers en route to Seattle arrived at their destination “almost four hours late.” It is additionally unclear if charges have been filed against the passenger.


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