LeBron James opened up about going to an all-white high school on HBO’s new show, “The Shop.” During a sit-down interview, he said it took him some time to get comfortable after transitioning from his neighborhood to being around white people.

“I went to an all-white high school, Catholic high school. So, like, when I first went to the ninth grade in high school, I was like ‘I’m not f**king with white people,’” James explained. “I was so institutionalized growing up in the hood it’s like, ‘They don’t f**k with us. They don’t want us to succeed.’”

He went on to say that it took him some time to adjust to the initial shock, but he learned new things… like what a “pantry” is, for example. “I’m like, ‘I’m going to this school to play ball and that’s it. I don’t want nothing to do with white people, I don’t believe that they want anything to do with [me]. It’s me and my boys. We going to high school together and we’re here to hoop. So that was my initial thoughts and my initial shock to white America when I was 14 years old, for the first time in my life… It took me a little while to adjust to it.”

“Bread, cereal, chips, doughnuts, all that s—t is on top of the refrigerator,” he added. “When I got to high school was the first time I knew about a pantry.”

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