4 Black Women Entrepreneurs on the Rise to Watch RN

4 Female Black Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020

Black female entrepreneurs are taking over. We’re seeing more and more Black women entrepreneurs follow their dreams and turn those dreams into a true success. From fashion to the tech industry, Black female entrepreneurs are killing it.

We’ve got our eye on a few entrepreneurs that have set themselves apart in the past year or so. These ladies are fearless and ready to take on the world of business. So, without further ado, here are our picks for the four Black female entrepreneurs you have to watch in 2020.

Pinky Cole, Founder of Slutty Vegan

Pinky Cole is a true queen. She is the founder of the Atlanta-based vegan restaurant, Slutty Vegan. Slutty Vegan opened its doors in 2018 and instantly became an overnight sensation. This vegan joint stops sacrificing flavor for a vegan diet and brings tasty, comfort vegan options to the people of Atlanta. Slutty Vegan combines killer tastes with plant-based ingredients to satisfy any vegan craving out there.

Founder, Pinky Cole started Slutty Vegan out of a need for a restaurant in Atlanta that could satisfy her dietary restrictions. The restaurant grew rapidly and is one of the biggest hot spots in Atlanta right now. Cole has started giving back to the Atlanta community and recently paid off the tuition of 30 Clark Atlanta University students so they could stay in school!

Simone Spence, Founder & CEO of Don’t Get Mad Get Paid

Simone Spence founded Don’t Get Mad Get Paid as a mission-based organization to help women collect the child support they were owed. This organization was born out of years of frustration for Simone. Her own personal struggles collecting child support led her to learn all the complexities about the system. She became an expert and started sharing her knowledge with her peers, eventually opened an office to help the masses, and even testified before Congress as a child support expert.

Don’t Get Mad Get Paid now helps countless Black, White, Hispanic women and more get the funds they deserve. They even boast an 87% success rate. Simone is doing such positive things, and we can’t wait to see what she does next!

Yelitsa Charles, Founder of Healthy Roots Dolls

Yelitsa Charles is helping young Black girls find representation in their own beauty. Yelitsa never had a doll that looked like her growing up. She was determined to make that happen.

As a Junior at the Rhode Island School of Design, Yelitsa redesigned Rapunzel as a Black girl with kinky locks. Her classmates were inspired, and she decided to make this into a reality.

Healthy Roots Dolls was founded with a grant from Brown University Social Innovation Fellowship as well as 674 Kickstarter backers. They now connect young Black girls to an array of diverse dolls that promote positive and real Black beauty representation.

Monique Rodriquez, Founder & CEO of MIELLE Organics

Monique Rodriguez founded MIELLE Organics to educate Black women about the importance of haircare. In 2014, Monique became frustrated from nursing her hair back to health after endless color and heat damage. Monique was constantly concocting new homemade haircare remedies in her kitchen.

When restoring her hair, she realized that other Black women could benefit from her expertise, and MIELLE Organics was born. The brand now has 25 results-driven haircare solutions and has won numerous awards for their commitment to high-quality haircare.

These women truly know what they’re doing. Check out some of their products today, and be sure to catch up with them and more with The Shade Room!


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