Lil Durk Defends India Royale, Says She Has Him 'In A Headlock'

Lil Durk Says Ex-Fiancée India Royale Has Him ‘In A Headlock’ Amid ‘Rapper Baby Mama’ Tweets

Lil Durk isn’t missing any online cues when stepping in for ex-fiancée India Royale. He recently stepped into The Shade Room Teens amid a conversation about India’s fame. The influencer sparked talk with tweets about her unphased attitude toward the “rapper baby mama” label.

“y’all talking all that sh*t lol she got this rapper in a headlock,” Durk commented on TSR Teen’s Instagram post.

The post featured India’s tweets, including a light clap back at a Twitter user who said India Royale sometimes sounds “lame asf” and is “known, not famous.”

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“I’m one of the ones who don’t care about y’all saying I got famous from being a rapper, baby mama. I did, and what about it? It’s Miss Rapper Baby Mama to you,” India tweeted.

India and Durk share a daughter named Willow. The former couple celebrated Willow’s fourth birthday in October with a Halloween-themed party.

Durk and India got engaged in December 2021, but in September 2022, India tweeted that she was a “free agent.” It’s unclear what caused the split.

One tweet that sparked India’s “rapper baby mama” talk came from someone responding to an unrelated tweet about Willow having a “famous parent.” @rikaway_ wrote: “famous for? being a babymama? wow, yea, the whole world gone atp lol.” 

Meanwhile, Lil Durk has also publicly backed India a few times since his Valentine’s Day post that she seemingly curved.

A little over a week ago, India reaffirmed her single status in a tweet reply to someone who claimed she never confirmed a breakup. After her confirmation started making its blog rounds, Lil Durk proclaimed his love in a series of Insta-Story posts. He said he’s the one for Royale while pledging to be “all ears whenever [they] get back in a relationship.”

“This real sh*t don’t attack her. She definitely the best in the world trust me I ain’t do her wrong I just be keeping her from the world,” Durk wrote. “I love you having fun and we ain’t fighting. I said not fight and I started one but I miss you that’s all. We ain’t no jokes we really that we can get the bag bag together without doing the most or copy cat what they did.”

As for the ‘baby mama’ conversation, India engaged with a few users about it (both supporters and critics) and then tweeted about her “positive girl era.”

At this time, the influencer hasn’t publicly reacted to Lil Durk’s “headlock” comment.


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