Lil Durk Says He & India Royale Are 'Always Gonna Be Together'

Lil Durk Speaks On Therapy Journey While Proclaiming He & India Royale Are ‘Always Gonna Be Together’

In an update on his personal life, Lil Durk notes that he’s all about family, therapy, and keepin’ it real!

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Durk Denies The Baby Rumors While Saying India Will ‘Always’ Be His Partner

During a sit-down with XXL, Durk took a moment to acknowledge his situation with India Royale.

Despite India recently shutting the rapper down online and breaking off their engagement, Durk proclaimed they’re “always gonna be together.”

“She always gonna be my girl. We always gonna be together. That’s who I’m dying about right there.”

Durk also firmly denied the speculation that he fathered a baby with another woman while with India. When the interviewer acknowledged that “everybody thinks” the contrary, Durk noted that he doesn’t need to respond to “trolling.”

“I just don’t feel that it’s a need for me to go up there and be like, ‘I did not have no baby with…’ If you go up there and say you didn’t, they still gonna say you did. So, it’s like, well, as long as the house is the house, the internet can’t change the perspective of nothing. It’s the same with beefing, and that’s the same with trolling. If you respond, you respond.”

Additionally, the “Petty Too” rapper proclaimed, “Everything that you see on the internet about me and her is fake.”

“I just never feed into the internet for real…What me and her go through in the house, we go through in the house. Everything that you see on the internet about me and her is fake. Like the having a baby on her, all that s**t, that’s not nowhere near reason that we be having our little problem.”

Lil Durk Is In Therapy & Workin’ Towards His GED

In addition to his situation with India, Durk acknowledged a significant life decision: starting therapy.

So far, the rapper says the process has taught him how to cope differently.

“I got a therapist so I cope different. You know, it don’t just gotta be, ‘I’m finna go take all these drugs,’ or ‘I’m finna go get my feelings like this.'”

He added, “I got my family, I got my girl, I got a therapist, I got my kids and I got the studio.”

Notably, he also shared why it was hard to open up about his feelings. After all, he had lived his whole life believing that weaknesses would be used against him.

“I don’t show emotion…You gotta be careful what you tell people. You gotta be careful how you tell people, what you tell people, because they can use it against you. They can find out your weaknesses.”

However, he can now get “more emotional” when chatting with his therapist. Don’t get it twisted, though, as he says that “somebody on the street” would “never” see him tear up!

On top of the therapy, Durk also shared that he’s hired a tutor to help him earn his GED.

Before wrapping up, he acknowledged these decisions by proclaiming, “Can’t nothing change if I don’t change.”

“I always had the mindset of what I wanted to do, or how I wanted to be. And can’t nothing change if I don’t change.”


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