Lil Kim Addresses K Michelle In New Breakfast Club Interview - "She's A Bag Of Nuts & A Liar!"

Lil Kim Addresses K Michelle In New Breakfast Club Interview – “She’s A Bag Of Nuts & A Liar!”

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Let me refresh your memory on this beef for a second. During the 2014 VMA’s K. Michelle tweeted that Nicki Minaj was the “Queen Of Rap”. Shortly after tweeting her praises to Nicki Minaj (who is Lil Kim’s rival) Lil Kim fans decided to rip K Michelle apart! K. Michelle being the feisty woman that she is decided to check Lil Kim fans for coming at her sideways. This resulted in Lil Kim checking K. Michelle and sticking up for her fans.

See tweets below:

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Recently, K. Michelle stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about her recent projects and personal life. One of the issues that came up in the interview was her beef with Lil Kim. K took the opportunity to bash the notorious rapper, claiming that she only had 3 fans and was using their VMA beef to fuel her nonexistent career. If you missed that crazy interview then you can catch up on the TEA here.

Well you should have already known that the Queen B would strike back. Have you known her to ever stand down after being called out? Lil Kim made a trip to The Breakfast Club radio show to let K have it!

Lil Kim On K. Michelle Beef:

You know when you are eating a bag of nuts like trail mix? The nuts that you don’t like to eat, the ones you can’t stand you throw out. She’s like a bag of nuts that you don’t want to eat. She’s nuts….Like the black jelly bean…..You’re liable to find her skipping. Who skips?”

Lil Kim On K. Michelle Almost Being Her Child’s God Mother:

Why would I ever make this woman my child’s God Mother? We met only one time in person. We’ve talked on the phone but we’ve only met one time. We never had a conversation about her being my child’s God Mom. I don’t knowwww you! I don’t know you!”

Lil Kim On K. Michelle Saying They Had A Conversation After The VMA Spat:

We never had a conversation. She’s nuts!”

Lil Kim went on to say that K. Michelle is bitter about not performing with her after planning to perform together at a show last year. Of course Kimmie commented on Nicki Minaj & she talked about some of her new projects like a documentary that will come out in the near future.

Also Big Fendi discussed Nicki Minaj, calling her a “groupie” that jumps from one person to the next for the hottest opportunity.

Watch The Video Below:



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