Lil Nas X Responds To Critics Saying He Isn't A Good Role Model For Children

Lil Nas X Responds To Critics Saying He Isn’t A Good Role Model For Children

Lil Nas X’s name has been hitting headlines like hotcakes, and it doesn’t look like people will stop talking about him anytime soon. Nas’ recent decision to outwardly express his personality and sexuality hasn’t rubbed everyone the right way, but he stands by every decision he’s made thus far.

During an appearance on the Breakfast Club on Thursday morning, Dj Envy and the crew discussed how Nas has made a name for himself in the music industry, as well as the controversy surrounding his ‘Montero’ performances. Lil Nas X has been publicly criticized for the impact his risqué performances may have on children, to which Nas said “f*ck them kids”.

“So? Like, f*ck them kids,” he said. “Not like f*ck them kids. But, we really get once chance to do this, at least to my knowledge. I don’t know what happens when we die, so it’s like I’m not about to pander to your kids or you.”


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He went on to express that he wants to live his life freely, without worrying about the negative things people have to say about him and his music.

“Like anybody. I even have to do this with my family members because my family members may not always agree with what I’m doing, or whoever I’m dating may not agree. But it’s like I honestly really truly wanna live by this is our life. We need to do this sh*t so f*ck what anybody else has to say about it.”

This is not the first time Lil Nas X has defended himself, though. If y’all recall, Nas responded to Peter Thomas, who called his recent behavior “disturbing” for his grandsons to see.

“Stop using y’all lil booger nosed kids as shields, hate gay people with your chest,” he tweeted.


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Nevertheless, it looks like Lil Nas X is gonna continue to do him!

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