Lil Uzi Vert Responds To Backlash Around Satan Lyric

Lil Uzi Vert Responds To Backlash Around Satan Lyric: ‘I Just Say Whatever I Want’

On the heels of some backlash centered around his Rolling Loud performance, Lil Uzi Vert is taking the time to clarify the situation.

Specifically, after he caught heat for rapping that he can “make a City Girl believe in Satan,” Uzi is speaking on how the lyrics are “not actually” about the Devil.

Lil Uzi Vert Says JT ‘Didn’t Think Too Much Of’ The Reference

TMZ recently caught up with the rapper while he was out and about in Beverly Hills, and—after revealing that the song in question will be on his upcoming album—he addressed the controversy.

Uzi swiftly clarified that the lyric is “not actually [about] Satan.” Instead, he says that it’s truly focused on pointing out how he’s able to “make a girl do whatever” he says.

When asked about what JT thought about the lyric in question, Uzi responded that she “really didn’t think too much of it.” He also added that JT knew about the reference and was present when he made the song.

Uzi Says The Haters ‘Just Need To Chill’

As the conversation continued, Lil Uzi Vert spoke on how he isn’t concerned about any backlash that may come his way, as his lyricism is how he expresses his “freedom of speech.”

“I really don’t even pay attention to them even saying that. I just say whatever I want in my songs—it’s just like my freedom of speech.”

He pointed out that he grew up in a “real religious household” and is just saying whatever he wants to say as a grown adult.”

Uzi also noted that, while he doesn’t mean to be offensive with his music, listeners always “have the option to turn it off.”

“They probably need to just chill a little bit.”

Finally, we have to add that—upon being asked if he “believe[s] in Satan”—Uzi simply responded “no” before shyly grinning.

You can peep the full interaction down below.

Summer Walker & Others Previously Bashed Lil Uzi’s  Satan Lyrics: ‘Nothing Funny Or Cute About It’

While on the subject, we should note that Summer Walker expressed her disapproval of the verse in question on social media last week.

After quoting the rapper’s lyric, Summer shared that she was “genuinely curious” about whether he’s “ever seen or heard a demon before.” She then openly wondered about if it’s indicative of a trend and proclaimed, “I feel like if you have you’d stop playin.”

The singer added, “Really nothing funny or cute about it. May God be with y’all.”

So, it sounds like Summer isn’t a fan of Lil Uzi giving Satan a shoutout, and she’s not alone! Check out what some other detractors had to say down below.

What are your thoughts on the overall situation, and do you think critics are overreacting?


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