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Lil Wayne Reveals He’s 53% Nigerian

TSR We Global: Lil Wayne is a man of many surprises this week. We got new music, he stepped out with his new fiancee, he was one of the contestants on “The Masked Singer,” and now he’s dropped a revelation about his roots.

During his appearance on NORE’s Drink Champs, Weezy revealed that he recently took a DNA test to find out the breakdown of his genealogy.

It appears Lil Wayne was surprised to find out that he’s actually 53% Nigerian. “Me and my mom need to have a talk,” Lil Wayne joked about his new revelation.

He also shared that he’s actually never been to Nigeria but he made it clear he has to go now after finding out about his heritage.


You can watch the video below:

So, fellow Roomies of the Naija community, what do you think about this? Let us know!


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