Lil Wayne Turns Down A Performance Because Of His Friends!

Lil Wayne Turns Down A Performance Because Of His Friends!

Looks like Lil Wayne picked his friends over his fans yesterday as he was a no show at a Minneapolis nightclub because his friends weren’t able to get in !

According to the NYPost, he refused to perform at the Venue on First Avenue Nightclub because his friends were denied entrance for not abiding by security protocols.

They had refused to be pat down or even go through the metal detectors when they first got to the club even though the club says its the club’s policy. It sounds more like an airport then a club to me! But anyways the club also claims that they refused to give proper identification forcing security to deny entry.

The club also released a statement on their website addressing the situation and said refunds would be issued:



Lil Wayne really rides for his peoples! He could have atleast did one song ! Let’s chat below, do you think Lil Wayne was wrong for that?


Sources Sited:NY Post

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