Lil Wayne Speaks About His 'Visible Influence' On Today's Artists

Lil Wayne Speaks About His ‘Visible Influence’ On Today’s Artists & Why More Women Are Joining The ‘Ranks’ Of Rap

Lil Wayne is reflecting on the evolution of hip hop ahead of its 50th anniversary. Additionally, the 40-year-old rapper is sharing how his artistry has influenced the genre and much more.

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Lil Wayne Reflected On Hip Hop’s Evolution As The Genre’s 50th Anniversary Nears

The Young Money rapper sat down for an exclusive interview with Billboard published Tuesday. During the interview, Wayne shared his thoughts on the upcoming 50th anniversary of hip hop, set to take place on August 11.

“Hip-hop will never be over,” he confidently explained when asked what he would say to the “naysayers” who initially “dismissed” the genre as a “fad.”

Additionally, he went on to share that out of his 29 years as a signed artist, today is when he sees “the most change” in the music genre — something he credits to the rise of social media.

“Right now is the time where I see the most change in our genre, because back then, I think it was just progress more than change; progression from what was already set before us and also us honoring what was set before us. But now it’s not that no one’s honoring what was before them — it’s just that the world has changed thanks to social media.”

Wayne went on to say that social media has “changed the genre” and “opened doors.”

“That’s definitely what helped contribute to its going global.”

Wayne Gets Candid While Speaking On His “Visible Influence” On Other Artists

During the interview, the rapper also shared his thoughts regarding the impact he’s had on some of the artists who’ve come after him. Specifically, Wayne addressed the artists he’s been told are “looking like” him.

“Sometimes people ask me how I feel about everybody looking like me, everybody getting tattoos, etc. That’s like seeing your kid come out of the room and looking just like you; it feels amazing.”

He then went on to say that the “visible influence” he’s had is “obvious.”

“So the visible influence is kind of obvious because I know for a fact I didn’t get this look from anyone. There was no one that inspired this look. I just ran into looking like this. (Laughs.) But other than that, I hope that my work ethic [is influential as well].”

Lil Wayne Speaks On The “Growing Ranks” Of Female Rappers

Later in the interview, the rapper shared his thoughts on the growing sea of female rappers. Additionally, he explained why he believes it may have “taken so long” for more women to join the genre as emcees.

My answer would be, honestly, that it just wasn’t as interesting to women, I don’t think, in the way that Nicki [Minaj], Meg [Megan Thee Stallion] and others are… I don’t think they looked at or viewed it as something that they wanted to do and actually make a living from it. That’s another part of it. They probably didn’t look at this as something that they could make a living out of.”

As for what the rapper sees as the genre continues to unfold, he says, is artists being able “to do everything.”

“I believe that that’s where the genre is headed: artists able to do everything — from singing to tapping into different emotions.”

Roomies, what are your thoughts on Lil Wayne’s sentiments about hip hop’s evolution and the rise of female rap?


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