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Lil Wayne’s Lawsuit Over A Private Jet Is Going To Cost!

Lil Wayne lost a lawsuit over a private jet and is now in the red for more than $2 million! 
So basically, Weezy allegedly entered into a contract with Signature Group, a company who leases private jets to the rich folks. The only problem; two years into the three year contract, he still owed over $1 million and was missing payments.
When things hit the fan and Signature went after him for the late/missing  payments, Wayne claimed that he never even signed a contract with them! 

The judge begged to differ though, ruling in the favor of Signature. 
The $1 million lawsuit was filed over a year ago, but thanks to those additional late fees he now owes $1.8 million.
It doesn’t end there, he also has to stack his $200k lawyer fees on that $1.8 million. Ouch!
Source: TMZ,
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