It’s safe to say the bad blood between LisaRaye and Nicole Murphy is not changing any time soon. You already know that their issues recently resurfaced during Nicole’s scandal with married director Antoine Fuqua—but that incident also made LisaRaye remember that Nicole has a history of messing with men who don’t belong to her…like her ex-husband.

A few weeks ago, Nicole Murphy finally broke her silence on the alleged affair that had social media on fire this summer, during an appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show.” Many were not convinced or moved by what she had to say as she attempted to explain her side of things, even Wendy was noticeably giving her the side-eye. During her appearance she also stated that she didn’t break up LisaRaye’s marriage, as she previously claimed.

Now, LisaRaye is finally responding to Nicole’s comments—and it’s definitely not pretty. While appearing on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show,” she was asked towards the end of the interview if she had anything to say to Nicole and she didn’t hold back.

She stated:

“For those mofos that still want to talk mess, hence Nicole Murphy, I had to get certain folks together when they say that I’m lying about certain things I’ve got receipts on. I’m just saying. She did this play on words on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ ‘I did not break up LisaRaye’s marriage.’ It was like no b—-h…No. I didn’t say that. I never said you broke up my marriage. That ain’t what I said. I’m a let her play on words with that but she might wanna come and see me. She might want to see me and tell me that face to face. I would accept that. To me, that’s the only way to get things out: face to face and woman to woman about it. I was woman to woman about it when I stepped to her so now she thinks I’m lying, I welcome you to come to me and tell me that in my face. Please and thank you. Yeah, let’s make that happen. Let’s make that happen.” 

If you’ll recall, in LisaRaye’s initial interview with TMZ at the time, she never said Nicole broke up her marriage, she said that she “messed around with my husband.” It will be interesting to see how this develops from here.


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?