PinkPantheress: 5 Facts On The Artist Who SLAYED w/ Ice Spice

5 Facts About PinkPantheress, The Singer Who SLAYED With Her Ice Spice Collab


5 Facts About PinkPantheress, The Singer Who SLAYED With Her Ice Spice Collab

As fans continue to get to know Ice Spice and join the Spice Cabinet, it’s only fitting that we show her fellow “Boy’s a liar Pt. 2” star PinkPantheress some love, too!

From her artistry to her style and overall vibe, PinkPantheress is a rising star who has garnered attention from all around. As a result, it’s easy to want to learn more about this mysterious songstress!

Here are five things to know about PinkPantheress.


She's Of English & Kenyan Descent

First and foremost, we have to take a step back and acknowledge the singer’s personal background for a bit.

Born in Bath, England, to a Kenyan mother and white English father in 2001, this Gen Z artist claims biracial heritage.

Additionally, the Daily Mail reports that her father works as a statistics professor while her mother enjoys a career as a “civil servant.”

During a sit-down with Vogue, she shared that she was “lucky” to have her mother’s influence growing up.

“I think if I didn’t live with my mum… maybe I would have straightened my hair or something like that to fit in. I definitely was lucky in that aspect. I never forgot where I was from.”


There's A Straightforward Explanation Behind Her Stage Name

As for her stage name, PinkPantheress broke this down during a sit-down with Dazed back in late 2021.

“When I was picking a TikTok username… I tried to just go for ‘Pantheress’ because I’d heard it in a game show when the question was, ‘What is a female panther called?’ And I was like, ‘That’s sick.'”

However, when she discovered that “Pantheress” was unavailable, she quickly improvised.

“So then I tried to have it as my username, but it was taken. So I just put ‘Pink’ in front of it, because Pink Panther is a great film.”

And voila — she coined “PinkPantheress!”


Her Ice Spice Collab Was As Organic As It Gets

Switching over to the collab that catapulted her to widespread recognition, it’s essential to speak on the organic way that her “Boy’s a liar Pt. 2” project with Ice Spice came about.

During Ice Spice’s recent interview with Billboard, she discussed how she had been a fan of PinkPantheress before they collaborated.

“I’ve been a fan of Pink since she first came out, so to work with her was so crazy.”

As for PinkPantheress, she said the project came about “literally through the DMs.”

“[Ice] was kind of perfect. I saw she was following me, so I casually asked her if she would be down to do a remix. And she was really up for it. It was just literally through the DMs.”


Fans Are Already Stanning Her Personal Style

Aside from her bops, PinkPantheress is also captivating fans by servin’ up 2000’s energy with her style.

From her Y2K flair to her purse that seemingly never leaves her side, people are here for her fashions!

She shared some of her style inspirations during a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

“My mum inspired my style, Twilight and Harry Potter inspire me a lot, weirdly. Horror films like Saw, and My Chemical Romance for sure.”

Regarding her handy-dandy purse, PinkPantheress added, “The bag is there in case I need anything urgently, or to complete an outfit.” We stan a practical fashionista!


PinkPantheress Is All About Her Privacy

Finally, we have to note that this Gen Z artist is big on enjoying her privacy.

She spoke on the subject during a sit-down with BBC News last year and noted that she “finds it easier” to keep some aspects of herself hidden.

“I find it easier to not lay every single card on the table. I like my privacy.”

In addition to being a private person, PinkPantheress added, “I felt like, if I have my music out and my face everywhere, it would start getting too much for people.”

During an earlier interview with the publication, PinkPantheress also spoke on how “crowded” social media can feel.

“Social media is a very crowded place. I don’t feel like I need to overshare and I do really respect my own privacy.”


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