84-Year-Old Man Charged After Shooting 16-Year-Old Ralph Yarl

UPDATE: 84-Year-Old Man Charged After Shooting 16-Year-Old Ralph Yarl Who Mistakenly Arrived At His House


UPDATE: 84-Year-Old Man Charged After Shooting 16-Year-Old Ralph Yarl Who Mistakenly Arrived At His House

An 84-year-old Kansas City homeowner is now facing two felony charges after he shot and wounded Ralph Yarl, 16, on April 13. As The Shade Room previously reported, the teenager mistakenly arrived at the house intending to pick up his siblings.

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An 84-Year-Old Homeowner Now Faces Two Felony Charges

According to CNN, Andrew Lester, 84, is now facing two felony charges. One charge is for “assault in the first degree,” and another is for “criminal action.”

Lester reportedly told police that he did not exchange words with the Yarl before “he fired at him through a locked glass door.” Additionally, the homeowner believed that the teenager was “trying to break in.”

According to a probable cause document obtained by the outlet, Lester added that he was “scared to death” because of the teenager’s size.

“He stated he believed someone was attempting to break into the house, and shot twice within a few seconds of opening the door. He believed he was protecting himself from a physical confrontation and could not take the chance of the male coming in.”

According to CNN, a warrant was issued for Lester’s arrest on Monday. On Tuesday, it was reported, via the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, that Lester turned himself into authorities.


Ralph Yarl Was Released From The Hospital After Recounting The Alleged Shooting Details

According to KCTV, Yarl was released from the hospital on Monday after sustaining injuries from the shooting. The 16-year-old is now continuing his recovery at home.

The teenager’s father spoke with the outlet and explained that his son was even able to walk “from the hospital lobby to the parking lot.”

According to CNN, before Yarl left the hospital on Monday, he spoke with the police. He explained that on April 13, he arrived at the home on 115th Street and ranged the doorbell.

Yarl waited until a man eventually opened the door and fired a shot which struck him in the head. This caused the 16-year-old to fall to the ground, and the homeowner reportedly fired another shot at the boy, striking him in the arm.

Yarl explained that he then ran away to avoid further shots. Additionally, he heard the homeowner speak a few words as he retreated.

“Don’t come around here.”

Additionally, he reportedly explained to police that he did not pull on the homeowner’s door.

A neighbor called the cops on behalf of Yarl after the teenager arrived at her door, bleeding.


The Shooting Of The Teen Has Sparked Protests & A GoFundMe Campaign

As The Shade Room previously reported, Kansas City community members now believe the shooting was racially motivated. Additionally, they began to hold protests outside of Andrew Lester’s home.

As per CNN, the community members reportedly chanted “justice for Ralph” and “Black Lives Matter” outside the residence. Furthermore, they also carried signs that read, “Ringing a doorbell is not a crime” and “The shooter should do the time.”

Additionally, Yarl’s aunt has reportedly launched a GoFundMe campaign to pay for the teenager’s medical expenses and therapy. As of Tuesday morning, the campaign has raised over $2 million, with over 71,000 people donating.

The campaign’s description also shared some words about Yarl and his recovery process moving forward.

“Life looks a lot different right now. Even though he is doing well physically, he has a long road ahead mentally and emotionally. The trauma that he has to endure and survive is unimaginable. He is our miracle. We have heard these types of stories many times, and unfortunately, most black boys are not alive to get another chance.”

As The Shade Room previously reported, the incident stemmed after Ralph Yarl’s parents reportedly asked him to pick up his siblings from an address on 115th Terrance. However, the 16-year-old mistakenly went to a home on 115th Street, where the shooting occurred.


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