Amber Rose Fights Joseline Hernandez Over 'White Girl' Comment

Amber Rose Attacks Joseline Hernandez Over Accusations Of Wanting To Be A ‘White Girl’


Amber Rose Fights Joseline Hernandez Over 'White Girl' Comment

College Hill: Celebrity Edition fans recently saw the highly anticipated showdown between Joseline Hernandez and Amber Rose, and the matter’s already the talk of the internet!

The situation unfolded during class after Joseline accused Amber of not owning her Blackness and “really want[ing] to be a white girl.” It appears the subject arose in the aftermath of Amber sharing, “I don’t fit in in white spaces, but I don’t fit in Black spaces either.”

After Joseline pops off and says that Amber “really [doesn’t] even want to be Black,” Rose gets up and proceeds to attack Hernandez.

The screen then cuts away, though producers still included audio of the fight. An on-screen message appears: “Out of respect for all parties involved, we have chosen not to show this fight. College Hill and ASU do not condone violence of any kind.”

Once cameras pan back to the classroom, we see both women separated and escorted out. Viewers also see the other stars’ reactions, with Tiffany Pollard‘s, particularly noteworthy.


Twitter Reacts: "No ASU Students Got A Little Footage?"

In the wake of the incident, people began to share their thoughts on Twitter.

Aside from people siding with Joseline or Amber, many users expressed major discontent over the decision not to air footage from the fight.


Joseline Hernandez Suggests She Put Amber Rose's Head "Through That Glass"

While the actual altercation wasn’t shown on camera, Joseline didn’t shy away from speaking on the matter during a Drink Champs interview.

While she didn’t go into detail or name her opponent, Joseline shared, “Somebody tried to attack me and I motherf**king put their motherf**king head through that glass.”

Unfazed, she added, “She tried to run up on me.”


Amber Ultimately Said Her Reality TV Experience Was "Great"

As for Amber Rose, she acknowledged her College Hill experience during an interview with Big Boy TV.

Starting with why she chose to participate, Amber said she wanted to learn, as she “never had the opportunity to go to college.”

“I’ve never done reality TV, and I love to learn. I’m interested in learning [and] never had the opportunity to go to college. I felt like I was gonna be around people like me, or like-minded people in a sense. So I decided to do it.”

Additionally, despite the drama with Joseline, Amber declared, “It was mostly a great experience.”

“I didn’t feel like I was going in with a negative mindset or anything like that. All in all, it really was a great experience.”


Amber Rose Pushes Back Against Having To "Pick A Side" After Previously Saying She "Does Not Identify As A Black Woman"

Additionally, Amber addressed the situation on her Instagram Story.

The 39-year-old expressed that biracial people are constantly told they need to “pick a side.” Specifically, she shared that—regardless if she identifies as Black, white, or “mixed”—people are going to express displeasure.

While on the subject, it’s important to also note that people have brought up footage of Amber previously declaring, “I do not consider myself a Black woman. Absolutely not.”

She later elaborated, explaining, “I embrace all of my culture. You don’t have to pick and choose a side.”


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