'Kenny's Crazies': Anita Baker Beefs With Babyface Fans Online

Anita Baker Beefs With Babyface Fans On Twitter: ‘Kenny’s Crazies Are Online Bullies’


Anita Baker Beefs With Babyface Fans On Twitter: 'Kenny's Crazies Are Online Bullies'

It looks like some R&Beef is brewing between Anita Baker and fans of Babyface, and it’s taking over Twitter!

The bulk of the issue appears to be centered around Anita referring to Babyface as a “support act,” which some fans interpreted as being shady.

However, Anita was undeterred and doubled down while letting it be known that SHE is the star of her show.

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Babyface & Anita Baker WERE Scheduled For A Concert Before Plans Changed

Before diving into the present situation, we have to call attention to a matter that emerged between the artists last month.

On Instagram, Babyface let fans know that he would not be opening for Anita Baker at the Prudential Center as they had initially planned.

Specifically, Babyface shared that he was “asked not to perform in order to give Ms. Baker the space and time to perform her show in its entirety.”

“I am truly sorry to my fans who have been waiting for us to hit the stage this evening…My band and I are extremely saddened we didn’t get to perform for y’all tonight.”

In a statement to PEOPLE, Babyface shared that he had “nothing but love and respect for Anita.” He also attributed the cancellation to a failed “video wall.”


Ms. Baker Referred To Babyface As A "Support Act" & Took On His Fans

On Sunday, it turns out that Anita decided to speak on the Babyface situation.

She initially declared that her “Support Act” was set to perform, but a “tech issue” ultimately got in the way. However, Anita clarified that she personally had nothing to do with the matter.

Ms. Baker shttps://twitter.com/IAMANITABAKER/status/1668050356604129281?s=20oon caught some flak for referring to Babyface as a “support act,” though she was unfazed and doubled down.

“Yes Babyface is Special Guest/Support Act on My Tour. This False Narrative of a Co-headliner is creating Unrealistic Expectations & Aggression from his fans towards me.”

She also stated, “He should tell you guys the Truth.” Oop!

Within another tweet, she said Babyface fans are “Not accepting of the Reality that he is Contracted as Special Guest/Support on [her] Tour.”



Twitter Reacts: "If Somebody Don't Go Take Anita's Phone And Unplug Her WiFi..."

Once people began to catch wind of Ms. Baker’s commentary, they swiftly chimed in.

While some expressed disbelief over the situation, others shared that they believed the matter was being blown out of proportion. Of course, there were others who marveled at her reads and simply enjoyed the mess.

Check out some reactions down below.


Anita Continues Bashing "Kenny's Crazies"

Despite what people had to say, Anita continues to speak her truth against Babyface’s fans — whom she called “Kenny’s Crazies, who continue to Harrass.”

Later, Anita outright asked Babyface to “call off [his] fans.” She also noted, “I have been Only kind and Supportive of You as the Special Guest/Support on My Tour.”

Babyface doesn’t appear to have publicly commented on the matter.


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