Ari Lennox Pitches Herself For Princess Tiana Role To Disney

Ari Lennox Expresses Interest In ‘Princess & The Frog’ Role As Twitter Debates Over Potential Tiana Casting


Amid rumors of an upcoming live-action remake of The Princess and the Frog, Ari Lennox took to social media to express her interest in playing the role of Tiana!


Ari Lennox Shoots Her Shot On Instagram

On Monday evening, the “Stop By” singer shared a video through Instagram that was essentially her informal audition for the role.

The post showed Ari’s rendition of “Almost There” by Anika Noni Rose, a track that’s featured early on in the 2009 animated film and represents Tiana celebrating her journey towards becoming a high-rollin’ restaurateur.

Within the caption of this upload, Ari tagged Disney and proceeded to make it clear that she was shooting her shot. She also noted that she would “love an opportunity to audition for Princess and the Frog in person.”

“Hi @Disney I’m Ari Lennox and I would love an opportunity to audition for Princess and The Frog in person. Here’s #AlmostThere by Anika Noni Rose.”

You can peep Ari’s video down below.


Tiana Casting Has Been A Hot Topic On Twitter

While on the subject, Ari Lennox’s lil’ Instagram audition came as the matter of who should be cast as Tiana began to pick up major steam on Twitter.

A post featuring arrays of stars circulated as users inquired about who should get the role, and some of the suggested celebs included Zendaya, Chloe Bailey, and even Jenna Ortega.


However, others weren’t pleased with these options, as they proclaimed that Tiana “should be dark skin.”



Regarding this point, people shared that Tiana’s race “is an important part of her character and literally [a part] of the story development.” They also made it clear that this isn’t the time for a The Little Mermaid-type situation.


In turn, some users proceeded to declare that the role would be perfect for Keke Palmer, Normani, Ryan Destiny, or Coco Jones.


Baby Tate also threw herself into the mix.


In spite of all the celebrity options, however, it was also proclaimed that the role should go to an “undiscovered darkskinned girl who is hungry for a lead role!”


We should also point out that, given how Disney decided to have their first Black princess be a frog for the majority of her screen time, one Portuguese-speaking user said that the casting should be less of a hot topic.


Finally, there were also those who were firm in their stance that a live-action remake of the film is NOT needed.


What are your thoughts on the Twitter discourse, and would you be down to see Ari Lennox play the role of Tiana in the live-action remake of The Princess and the Frog?


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