Billy McFarland Shares Plans For 'Fyre Festival II'

Re-Do? Billy McFarland Announces Plans For ‘Fyre Festival II’ Just 1 Year After Prison Release


Re-Do? Billy McFarland Announces Plans For 'Fyre Festival II' Just 1 Year After Prison Release

Billy McFarland, a convicted con artist who served nearly three-and-a-half years in prison, is making headlines after announcing the second installment of the infamous Fyre Festival.


What To Know About The Fyre Festival

For those who aren’t in the know, the Fyre Festival was an event scheduled to go down in the spring of 2017.

McFarland had various influencers promote the Bahamas-based festival, and Ja Rule was involved as a co-founder.

While festivalgoers were promised luxury accommodations, they were met with FEMA tents, portapotties, and styrofoam plates. Additionally, they were left without necessities like water, and McFarland was eventually hit with many lawsuits.

All in all, he was accused of scamming investors and agreed to pay back $26M, which he still owes.

McFarland was ultimately sentenced to six years in federal prison, though he was released after serving under three-and-a-half.


Billy McFarland Confirms Fyre Festival II Is 'Finally Happening'

As the Fyre Festival was such a notorious failure, social media users were surprised to see Billy McFarland proclaim that the event would “finally” return.

On Sunday, McFarland took to Twitter to announce the news, and he simply noted, “Fyre Festival II is finally happening.”

He finished his tweet by adding, “Tell me why you should be invited.”

It’s also worth noting that two-and-a-half weeks before this announcement, McFarland uploaded “coordinates” on Instagram and seemingly suggested that he has plans in the works.


Social Media Reacts To McFarland's News

With Billy McFarland being mired in controversy after the Fyre Festival fiasco, many were surprised to see him so confidently announce the second coming of the event.


Of course, many people quickly brought up one of the most infamous aspects of the festival — the food, which consisted of sub-par sandwiches.


Lime Wire even came through with a jokey joke and tweeted, “I know a safer way to enjoy music.”


Facetune also entered the conversation by noting, “Not even I can fix this.”


Humorously, some pleaded for people to invest in McFarland just so they “can laugh again.”


Finally, one user reacted by unapologetically proclaiming, “You gotta be a bold b***h to announce a Fyre Festival II…..we all seen the documentary, Billy.” Oop!


Despite all the backlash, McFarland appears to be doubling down and sticking to his pursuit.

In response to a user who questioned why McFarland “shouldn’t be in jail,” he explained why he wanted to kick off Fyre Festival II.

Specifically, Billy McFarland wrote, “It’s in the best interest of those I owe for me to be working. People aren’t getting paid back if I sit on the couch and watch TV.”

He also answered the user’s jail-related question by noting that he had already “served [his] time.”


What do you think about Billy McFarland proclaiming that Fyre Festival II is “finally happening,” and would you attend the prospective event?


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