HBD, Queen Bee! 10 Times Lil' Kim Came Thru & ATE On A Track

HBD, Queen Bee! 10 Times Lil’ Kim Came Thru & ATE On A Track


HBD, Queen Bee! 10 Times Lil' Kim Came Thru & ATE On A Track

July 11, 1974, marks the day that Kimberly Denise Jones entered the world, and she eventually grew to become the rap icon that is Lil’ Kim.

Since today marks the Brooklyn-bred “Queen Bee’s” 49th birthday, we’re taking a moment to pay homage by reflecting on her artistry and impact.

To commemorate the one-and-only Lil’ Kim’s birthday, let’s look back on ten tracks where she came thru and put in WERK!

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"Big Momma Thang"

When Lil’ Kim unveiled Hard Core in 1996, the opening lines to “Big Momma Thang” instantly captivated listeners.

In fact, the entire track provided a ton of quotable lyrics, and she wasn’t shy about letting people know, “You want to be this Queen Bee, but you can’t be!”

I used to be scared of the d**k.


Now I throw lips to the s**t.


Handle it like a real b***h.


"Get Money"

Segueing into her Junior M.A.F.I.A. era, we have Lil’ Kim’s noteworthy verse in “Get Money.”

Alongside “Player’s Anthem,” “Get Money” is one of the star-studded group’s biggest hits, and Kim’s verse at the end of the track masterfully complements The Notorious B.I.G.‘s.

N***as, better grab a seat. Grab on your b***h as this b***h digs deep.


Deeper than the p***y of a

b***h six feet.


Stiff d**ks feel sweet in

this little petite.


"The Jump Off"

Fast-forwarding to 2003, Kim came thru and delivered on “The Jump Off.”

This high-energy track is all about having a good time and lettin’ everyone know, I been gone for a minute, now I’m back with the jump off!”

All we wanna do is party,


And buy everybody at the bar Bacardi.


Black Barbie dressed in



I’m tryin’ to leave in

somebody’s Ferrari.



"Lady Marmalade"

Kim linked up with Mya, Pink, and Christina Aguilera for “Lady Marmalade” and delivered a whole VIBE.

While Christina, Pink, and Mya brought the pop factor, Lil’ Kim brought rap realness to the 2001 revamp of the classic song.

Let him know we ’bout

that cake straight out

the gate.


We independent women,

some mistake us for



I’m sayin’, “Why spend

mine when I can spend



"Not Tonight"

On this track, Lil’ Kim lets listeners know that a queen has to enjoy some oral service every now and then!

Ultimately, “Not Tonight” became a whole anthem, and it even spawned an iconic “Ladies Night Remix!”

It was somethin’ about

this dude I couldn’t



Somethin’ that coulda

made his a** a real



Somethin’ I wanted, but I

never was pushy,


The motherf**ker never

ate my p***y.


I don’t want d**k tonight.


Eat my p***y right!



"Lighters Up"

In “Lighters Up,” Kim proudly reps Brooklyn while giving a shoutout to various cities throughout the country. Ohkay, Little Ms. Unity!

After all, “No matter where you from, put your lighters up!” 

See, BIG done told you. I’m the hottest bitch on

the planet. 


Biggest sex symbol since Janet. 


The Zanotti bandit, 


Laying in the cut like a bandage.




"Quiet Storm"

When Mobb Deep delivered “Quiet Storm,” the duo had an instant hit on their hands—and Lil’ Kim came thru and slid on the remix.

We also have to acknowledge that Lil’ Kim crafted a memorable dance to show off while performing the track!

I’m a leader, y’all on some followin’ s**t.


Comin’ in this game on

some modeling s**t.


B***hes suck c*ck just to

get to the top


I put a hundred percent in every line I drop.


"Queen B***h"

Next up is “Queen B***h,” which is another track off of Hard Core.

From the beat and overall vibe to her swift rhymes and clever references, Lil’ Kim did exactly what had to be done on this bop!

Beretta inside of Beretta, nobody do it better.


Bet I wet ya like hurricanes and typhoons.


Got buffoons eating my

p***y while I watch



"How Many Licks?"

Once The Notorious K.I.M. dropped in 2000, the world was graced with “How Many Licks?”

Lil’ Kim recruited Sisqó for the project, and it’s split up into three different verses that all deliver the hypersexual heat that her fans know and love.

Designer p***y, my s**t

come in flavors.



class taste, n***as

got to spend paper.


Lick it right the first time

or you gotta do it over.


Like it’s rehearsal for a

Tootsie commercial.


"No Time"

Finally, we’re rounding out the list with “No Time.”

Towards the beginning of this bop, Kim pays homage to various “rich b***hes” who are all about livin’ in luxury, showing what Lil’ Kim’s beloved vibe was all about.

Yeah, I Momma, Miss Ivana.


Usually rock the Prada, sometimes Gabbana. 


Stick you for your cream and your riches. 


Zsa Zsa Gabor, Demi Moore, Princess Diana and all them rich b***hes.

Happy birthday, Lil’ Kim!


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