Brooke Bailey Says Jackie Wasn't Supportive After Her Child Died

Brooke Bailey Says Jackie Christie ‘Showed Absolutely No Support’ After Her Daughter Passed Away


Brooke Bailey Says Jackie Wasn't Supportive After Her Child Died

The Basketball Wives Season 10 reunion kicked off on Monday night, and Brooke Bailey straightforwardly accused Jackie Christie of not being a good friend.

In fact, Brooke slammed Jackie for not supporting her after the tragic passing of her daughter, Kayla Bailey. Additionally, other castmates chimed in and let Jackie know that they all “expected more” from her.

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Brooke Bailey Sounds Off

The matter arose as Jackie and Jennifer Williams went back and forth about their relationship.

During a lull, Brooke asked to chime in, as her “heart [was] pounding a hundred miles a minute” while listening.

She then addressed Jackie, who was sitting right beside her and brought on the backlash.

“You sit here and say how good of a friend you’ve been to people, but I really feel like you’re not.”

Brooke added that this sentiment stems from Jackie not reaching out after Kayla’s passing.

“The reason why is because when my daughter passed away, you didn’t even send one flower. You’ve been in L.A.—you didn’t knock on my door to give me a hug or just to sit next to me quietly.”

She then noted, “You showed absolutely no support.”


Jackie Christie Responds & Brittany Williams Sides With Brooke

In response, Jackie declared, “First of all, I didn’t know what to say, and I am so sorry.”

However, Brooke was unmoved and noted that others shared similar sentiments while still reaching out.

Jackie then pushed back against the belief that she “didn’t show support.”

“It hurt my heart to hear about your daughter. I sat and cried for hours…I didn’t call you, but it hurt my heart that this happened to you.”

After Jackie shared her piece, Brittish Williams supported Brooke’s point.

“I think we all expected more from you, though. We all did.”

Jackie said she wanted to “give [Brooke] the space to deal with the grieving.” She also declared, “You wouldn’t have known what to do if it had been one of ours.”

However, Brooke disagreed, and the matter heated up even more. Ultimately, Brooke doubled down on calling Jackie out on her “bulls**t.” She also rejected Jackie’s apology.

“It just kind of made me take steps back because it just left me feeling like you’re not the friend that I thought that you were.”


Brooke Has Been Honoring Kayla Since Her Passing

As The Shade Room reported, Kayla died in a car crash last year. A police report confirmed the tragedy went down in Memphis, Tennessee, in the early hours of September 25. She was 25 years old.

Following the news, Brooke paid homage to her firstborn on social media.

Kayla was laid to rest in mid-October, and Brooke got a tattoo of her late daughter shortly after that.


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