Sleepy Hallow Says He & Sheff G 'Innocent' After New Indictment

Brooklyn Drill Rapper Sleepy Hallow Says He & Sheff G Are ‘Innocent’ Following New Indictment On Conspiracy Charges


Brooklyn Drill Rapper Sleepy Hallow Says He & Sheff G Are 'Innocent' Following New Indictment On Conspiracy Charges

Rapper Sleepy Hallow is proclaiming his and Sheff G’s innocence after the two were arrested and charged in a 140-count indictment on Tuesday. According to New York Post, the rappers have been accused of using their “fame” and “fortune” to “elevate gang violence in Brooklyn.”

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Sleepy Hallow Says He & Sheff G Are "Innocent" Amid Arrest & Indictment

Sleepy Hallow, whose real name is Tegan Chambers, took to his Instagram Story on Tuesday to share a brief statement regarding his and Sheff G’s recent indictment.


It’s important to note that Sheff G is already incarcerated in relation to a “two-year bid on gun possession charges,” as reported by HipHopDX. The rapper was also denied early release in November.

As for Chambers, the rapper was just released from jail in February after serving almost eight months for a weapons charge, as reported by the outlet.



More Details Regarding The Drill Rappers' Indictment & Arrest

According to New York Post, Chambers and Sheff G, whose real name is Michael Williams, are among 32 gang members facing charges.

The charges reportedly include “second-degree murder, attempted murder, conspiracy, weapons possessions, assault, attempted assault, kidnapping, gang assault, and related raps,” as per the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office.

During a press conference, District Attorney Eric Gonzalez shared more details about Williams’ involvement in the alleged crimes.

“Instead of using his fame and his fortune for the betterment of himself and his family and those close to him, we allege that he used that fame and fortune to elevate gang violence in Brooklyn.”

Additionally, Williams and Chambers are “charged with committing 27 acts of violence and crime” between March 2019 and the present day.

On Tuesday, FOX 5 reporter Lisa Evers captured exclusive footage of the Williams’ arrest along with additional alleged co-conspirators.


More Details Regarding The Alleged Crimes Commited By Sheff G, Sleepy Hallow, & Their 30 Co-Conspirators

According to the outlet, prosecutors have accused Williams’ of offering incentives such as expensive jewelry and money to his friends in exchange for serviced acts of violence.

They allege that Williams treated “members of the two affiliate gangs” to a luxurious steakhouse dinner two days after they committed a “shooting spree” on the rapper’s behalf.

According to the outlet, the shooting occurred on October 21, 2020, and left one person dead and five others injured.

Additionally, prosecutors allege that the defendants used “roughly 37 firearms” to execute 12 shootings against 13 victims — which, unfortunately, involved three innocent bystanders.

Prosecutors explained that the defendants’ crimes were caught on surveillance video, and some even boasted about their actions on social media and text messages, “taking credit for certain shootings and assaults.”

As evidence, prosecutors cited a shooting on April 6, 2021, where two innocent bystanders were struck by stray bullets shot by three gang members who hopped into a getaway car driven by Williams.

Williams and those involved later exchanged text messages with articles related to the shooting.

Eric Adams has since released a statement explaining his adamance about bringing justice to those who choose to bring violence to New York City streets despite their “fame and fortune.”

“We focus on the small number of extremely violent people who have made up their minds that they will continue to do violence no matter what happens. Doesn’t matter if they reach fame and fortune, they’re going to use their fame and fortune to enhance their ability to access dangerous guns… We’re not going to surrender our streets to violence.”


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