Batty Baddie! Doja Cat Gets Fans Talkin' With New Bat Tattoo

Batty Baddie! Doja Cat Gets Fans Talkin’ With New Bat-Themed Tattoo (Photo)


Batty Baddie! Doja Cat Gets Fans Talkin' With New Bat-Themed Tattoo

Just days after Doja Cat debuted her feline-focused Met Gala lewk, she’s showing off some new ink that pays homage to another animal.

On Thursday, the 27-year-old “Say So” singer specifically shared her back tattoo, which features the skeletal remains of a bat.

As a result, Twitter users are chiming in with their opinions on the ink, and it’s definitely a mixed bag!

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Doja Detailed The Meaning Behind Her Ink: "Start Of A New Beginning"

Doja Cat put her tattoo on display in an Instagram upload.

After showing how it looks from afar, she shared a couple of up-close looks.

Additionally, she included a screenshot of text that details the significance of bats in North America. Doja drew readers’ attention to the bottom of the page, which acknowledges how bats are “symbols of transition.”

“Bats often represent death in the sense of letting go of the old and bringing in the new. They are symbols of transition, of initiation, and the start of a new beginning.”


Fans Show Support: "We Got Doja Bat!"

After Doja Cat unveiled her tattoo, fans began to chime in on social media.

Many people shared that they were absolutely here for the new ink.

One user wrote.


While another added.

Supporters also reveled in the star seemingly entering her “Doja Bat” era.

Another responded.

While another Twitter user added.


Others Think The Tattoo's Too Much

However, not everyone was fond of Doja’s new ink. From calling it “ugly” to “…interesting,” critics weren’t shy about expressing their opinions.

One user wrote.

While another posed a question.

Another user added.

One user expressed shock over Doja “changing [her] aesthetic so quickly.”

While some compared the tatt to the Founding Titan from Attack on Titan, others called it “devilish.”

Don’t get it twisted, though, as one critic declared, “That’s mother so Imma stick beside her.”


Doja Cat Previously Responded To Similar Criticism

While on the subject, we should note that Doja Cat recently addressed speculation about another tattoo.

After showing off an arm tatt featuring a chimera-like creature, some users got the heebie-jeebies.

This prompted Doja to share further context about how the tattoo was based on a work by 17th-century physician Fortunio Liceti.

She captioned the post, “Your fear is not my problem.”

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