$2K?! Drake & 21 Savage Tour Ticket Prices Spark Funny Tweets

Funniest Reactions: Drake & 21 Savage Tour Ticket Prices Spark Hilarious Tweets


Fans were psyched to hear Drake announce his upcoming tour with 21 Savage, dubbed “It’s All A Blur.”

However, some tickets—that apparently go from around $400 and up to $2K— have gotten people running to social media to share their most humorous and relatable reactions!

Drake announced the tour on Instagram on Monday, and the video featured a compilation of throwback videos that highlight his journey over the years.

The presale began on Wednesday, although details about the show in his hometown of Toronto appear to still be under wraps.


Prospective Concertgoers React To Drake & 21 Savage Tour Ticket Prices

As people rushed to secure their tickets, however, many were instantly put off by the prices, and they turned to Twitter to laugh (and commiserate) with fellow fans.


Right off the bat, reaction memes and jokes began flooding in, as people were in utter disbelief over the prices they are seeing.


Similarly, others proclaimed that—if they had to shell out some big coin to see the show—then they’d better leave with quite the experience!


Fans also joked about the lengths that they would have to go to in order to secure a spot to see the “Rich Flex” rappers take the stage.



Others were more realistic about how the situation would likely go, though.


Additionally, there were plenty of people coming through with references to Sonstar Peterson’s infamous tirade, as they declared, “Ticketmaster, you will crumble!”


Of course, there were also some antics employed to try and get some of the demand to fall.


Regardless of the price, though, some diehard fans were dead set on getting to the show.


Humorously, one user tried to stir the pot by proclaiming that buying tickets to see the Drake and 21 Savage tour is the “bare minimum” that a man can do for someone he cares about. Oop!


What do you think about the reactions to the prices for Drake’s “It’s All A Blur” tour, and will you be attending the show?


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