Safaree Samuels Gifts Amara La Negra's Twins, 1, Rolex Watches

Erica Mena Calls Safaree Samuels A ‘Deadbeat Clown’ After He Gifted Amara La Negra’s One-Year-Old Twins Rolex Watches


Safaree Samuels and Amara La Negra turned heads when they shared a kiss during her twins’ birthday party. But Safaree’s former wife and fellow Love & Hip Hop star, Erica Mena, seemed to care more about what her children’s father gave Amara’s daughters.

As footage of the birthday party spilled online, Erica stepped into The Shade Room to react to Safaree’s ‘stepdaddy’ gifts–two Rolex watches featuring gold bands and diamonds.

Erica wrote:

“Awe, so cute. It’s just very interesting how my kids have NEVER received gifts like this by this waste man. My daughter just turned 3. All she got was a birthday cake and a few balloons in his living room. And please don’t get me started on how he didn’t do anything for my son’s 1st birthday until two weeks after the fact. And again, that was just balloons in his living room. But happy every enjoyed this circus themed birthday part with a deadbeat clown as the special guest.”

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Erica and Safaree share two children, Safire Majesty and Legend, whom they welcomed following their marriage in 2019. Mena filed for divorce in May 2021 in Georgia. A judge signed off on the paperwork in September 2022–ordering Samuels to pay $4,305 in monthly child support.

Amid the divorce, the pair have shared insults and accusations online and on Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, from their parenting to personal lives. One instance occurred in June 2022 when Erica claimed during a spat with Safaree’s former bae Kimbella Matos that he has “a bad sex addiction.”


Safaree Explains Why He Gifted Amara's Daughter Rolex Watches

Amara’s daughters, Sumajestad Royalty and Sualteza Empress, celebrated their first birthday on March 23. However, footage from the royalty-themed party didn’t surface until this weekend, including Bobby Lytes’ recorded reaction to the lavish gift.

“I’m doing this because I’m new to Miami, and ever since I’ve been here, Amara has been a great, you know, everything. Friend, tour guide, helping me with my Spanish and she’s just been…great business partner, great with future endeavors,” Safaree said at the party.

He added more about their ‘friendship,’ explaining how she motivates him and how Black men need that type of support. He also told Amara he’s “grateful,” adding, “your family is beautiful.”



Erica Mena Says Safaree Is 'Desperately Shooting In Miami' Because She Rejected Him

But Erica’s shots directed at Safaree’s parenting weren’t the only ones she took. Mena seemingly suggested Safaree’s actions were tied to a storyline.

In TSR’s comment section, she wrote:

“Before I go, someone @ him–He blocked me since I won’t take his crying. begging a** back (hints why his now desperately shooting in Miami now. Let him know he has medical bills that’s only 8K from last year he owes along with…nevermind just tell him he got it. Pay it.”


Erica’s storyline suggestion echoes much of the thousands of reactions Safaree’s generous gift solicited. People seem to think the gifts are part of a Love & Hip-Hop: Miami rollout.

Over the week, Amara shared a cut of a recorded interview, confirming she is filming for a new show season. In the caption, she wrote about growth and maturity.

“I am in a different place in My life Now. You Grow! You Mature! You accept your reality and truth, you Heal and Understand. Now as a Mother I also have Evolved and My priorities, Purpose and Vision has Changed. Let’s Work! Let’s Go!!!! Focused,” Amara wrote.



Another Gift? Safaree And Amara KISS At Her Kids' Party

But watches worth $1000s aren’t the only thing Safaree gave out at the one-year-old’s birthday party.

Safaree and Amara shared a ‘royal’ dance at the party–while cameras filmed nearby. Moments into it, Amara and Safaree leaned in for a kiss on the lips. Confetti popped and swirled around them as Amara pulled back afterward with a smile.

Amara has not publicly reacted to callouts over the kiss. However, on Monday, Amara shared a meme on Instagram Story about venting on social media.

It said:

“I don’t care how hard life gets, I’m not venting to social media… I’ll rather go outside and talk to a squirrel.”


Erica Accuses Safaree Of Saying Time With His Daughter Is 'Torture'

Erica Mena hasn’t publicly commented on the smooch. All of her online clapbacks seemed to take aim at Safaree’s parenting and alleged feelings toward his children with Mena.

Erica shared alleged texts between Safaree and others about his parenting woes.

In a voice note, Safaree explains to someone that he has his kids, but he’s “trying to get them out of here.”

“Imagine hardly being constant with your parenting time as it is. “Trying to get them out of here” is what you’ve been doing since I had them,” Erica commented on the audio.

Erica also shared a text thread between a woman and Safaree in which he allegedly sends a video of Safire seemingly crying. In an accompanying text, Erica alleges Safaree wrote, “I miss you baby…I’m not gon lie this is torture.” The thread is dated August 20.

Erica explained that receiving such screenshots from other women, regarding Safaree’s ‘thoughts’ about his children is “the most embarrassing thing.”

 “I’m not being quiet about the games that has been played when it comes to my kids anymore. It is what it is. I’m not saving nobody’s dace no more.”





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