Fans Defend Ciara 'Embracing Sexuality' At Oscars After-Party

Fans Defend Ciara ‘Embracing Sexuality’ With Her Oscars After-Party Look


After Ciara showed out with a risqué outfit at the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, a few people took to social media to openly begin side-eying her fashion choice.

However, the “Body Party” singer’s fans are coming through in defense of Ciara and her stunning get-up, as they said that she has every right to show some skin and stay true to herself.


Ciara's Outfit Caused Quite A Stir

The conversation began after Ciara—accompanied by her husband, Denver Broncos QB Russell Wilson—hit the red carpet at the Vanity Fair after-party.

While Russell certainly looked snazzy in his suit, Ciara stole the show by stunningly donning a dress that left little to the imagination.


As people began to buzz about the star-studded Vanity Fair Oscar Party, one user proclaimed that it was “kinda wild” that Ciara decided to “start embracing sexuality” as a married mother-of-three. Additionally, she said, “Too late to be showing your a**.”


The user, as well as others, also questioned Ciara’s loyalty to Russell as a result of the outfit.


Fans Defend Ciara Against The Backlash

Immediately, people began rushing to Ciara’s defense. First off, people clarified that Ciara didn’t “just start embracing sexuality,” and they used some of her songs to back up their point.


Another fan scoffed at the presumption that a woman embracing her body and looking good is indicative of cheating. She also pointed out that Ciara “always dress sexy.”



People also pointed out that, since Russell had no issue with what Ciara was wearing, the critics should mind their own business and keep their opinions to themselves.


Some even announced that people should be more concerned about what’s going on with their own situations instead. Oop!


Ultimately, one fan praised Ciara for not allowing the haters to “define [her] marriage,” as she powerfully embraces “stay[ing] beautiful, confident, and sexy while being married with children.”


What do you think about Ciara’s Oscars after-party dress?


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