Checkin' Out G Herbo's Lighthearted Moments For His 28th B-Day

Checkin’ Out G Herbo’s Funny & Lighthearted Moments In Celebration Of His 28th Birthday


Checkin' Out G Herbo's Funny & Lighthearted Moments In Celebration Of His 28th Birthday

Today marks G Herbo‘s 28th trip around the sun, and it’s only fitting for us to give the Chicago-bred rapper his flowers!

While we could go on and on about how his discography boasts hits like “PTSD” and “That’s How I Grew Up” or how he’s had the opportunity to work with artists like 21 Savage and Young Dolph, we also have the chance to give a shoutout to some lighthearted moments he’s provided.

In honor of G Herbo’s 28th birthday, let’s look back on some of the humorous moments we’ve enjoyed throughout his career!

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Commenting On A Viral Video Of His Brazilian Lookalike Gettin’ Down

Startin’ off strong, we have to acknowledge G Herbo speaking on a viral video of his Brazilian doppelgänger, @reinaldooi, doin’ his thang!

Over the video of the creator dancing with his trademark, ankle-biting dog, G Herbo humorously warned, “Next person send me this I’m blocking you!”

Sharing The Relatable Struggle Of Getting His Kids To Pose

With Herb being a father of three, he knows the realities of parenthood and isn’t afraid to show fans wassup!

Humorously, G Herbo has spoken on the everyday struggle of getting his children to pose for photos. After all, there’s seemingly always something standing in the way of the perfect picture.

G Herbo Spontaneously Channeling His Inner NBA YoungBoy

Speaking of humorous moments, we have the “Never Cared” rapper giving a high-energy impersonation of NBA YoungBoy.

After lighting a cigarette, the rapper begins dancing erratically as “Big Truck” plays in the background.

This humorous impersonation highlights how G Herbo isn’t afraid to proudly show off his goofy side. We love a star who doesn’t take himself too seriously!


Showin' Off Some Robotic Dance Moves

The rapper doesn’t only have moves while impersonating NBA YoungBoy, though.

In fact, G Herbo was feelin’ silly a few years back and briefly showed himself trying to get down to “Yo (Excuse Me Miss)” by Chris Brown.

The rapper served up robotic realness during his short dance sesh and ended by laughingly embracing the silliness of the moment.


Showing His Experience With A Birth Simulator

Weaving in his meet-up with Kai Cenate, we have G Herbo’s lil’ birth simulator moment.

As The Shade Room reported, G Herbo experienced the simulator earlier this year, and — upon reaching level eight — he was struggling!

With him being a father, it looks like G Herbo got a taste of what Ari Fletcher and Taina Williams had to endure while welcoming his children into this world, and he hilariously brought fans along for the ride.


Acknowledging THAT Photo Of Him & Louis Farrakhan

Finally, we have G Herbo acknowledging an infamous photo of him awkwardly posing with Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam.

While a first glance at the picture seemingly just shows him shaking Farrakhan’s hand, a closer look reveals G Herbo’s left elbow chillin’ in the air as the rapper rests his hand on the political leader’s shoulder.

After the photo recirculated, G Herbo uploaded it to his Instagram and declared, “S/O TO THE MINISTER BUT WHOEVER KEEP MAKING THIS PIC GO VIRAL A REAL B***H.”

On a serious note, though, G Herbo later told Vlad TV that the meet-up was focused on “making [Chicago] a better place for children.”

However, it’s still unclear how exactly the photo came about.

Happy birthday, G Herbo!


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